Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Attempt #1

I miss writing/rambling here.

But I have no time; either to have a lengthy writing, or even to think of it.

Well, maybe later; when everything is in its place.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm a Cry Baby, Affirmative!

Ahhh. I'm hungry!!

Just done with the test paper for my students. I need to come to the office since I didn't come yesterday. My father and little brother and his friend were here!! Oh, I miss my family so much! They went back to the hometown this morning after having breakfast together. I took my brother and his friend around Manjung and Lumut (ehemm!! I know this place quite well, now). I took them to the best places to eat and tell them stories about this province. How's that? And oh, I made my brother's and his friend's dream to ride the banana boat!! Not once, but twice! And I'm happy that they really had fun yesterday!! =D

I am trully blessed and I'm sure that my father is happy and maybe so grateful seeing me happy here with the good people whom he can count on to to look after me (even though I'm big enough and deserve to get married), as a father or parents, that's just them - to think that their daughter is still young and need to be taken care of like they did when we're small. Moreover, for someone who is as clumsy as I am that is sometimes careless, an accident-prone; he needs to be extra- worry about this one daughter out of all the other four he has.

Well, yes. I am truly blessed and I can't stop thanking Him for the life that he's given me here. (OMG..I'm about to shed a tears! such a sentimental mood I have here)!. Sometimes, when I am alone and got the time to reflect everything back, I myself can't believe that I am here now, in a totally new place, where I don't know anybody else but my brother who is not always here for sailing, new responsibilities that I think is quite big for me ( to teach Degree level is quite challenging to me for I've been dealing with younger groups back in my teaching history) and I'm doing great. Anyway, I said teaching them is quite challenging as the approach that should be implemented is rather different when dealing with the younger ones. But again, Alhamdulillah, so far, the feedbacks that I got from my dear students tell me that I'm doing the right things up to this point even though sometimes I feel like I'm doing crap.

Here, I would like to thank Kak Zam, Kak Ana and Kak Mas and Kak Ani and family for making me feel not at all alone in this new place. I feel like I have another family here. =)

My colleagues - Kak Niza, Kak Uji, Wena and Kak Maz for keeping me young and free here =). Encik Aslan for making me feel like I have an Abah here (heheh). *dem, this is really sentimental!* I think I'm getting my period. That's why it is so fragile now, my heart.

Despite the busyness and sometimes loneliness that I'm facing here, I'm still doing great because of them. Thank you, people! I heart all of you! =)

Ma, Abah, you don't have to worry about your daughter here. Maybe I'm the youngest; but like the elder sisters, this youngest is also doing great here; on the other side of the map that is a bit astray from the rest. And by the way, why does this matter? I' ve been away from my family since I'm in secondary 1?? To be away from family is normal. But well, maybe I miss my family damn muchos. And to my defense, as I grow older, I learnt to appreciate family more than friends. When I was in the boarding school, I shared every single thing with my friend. That makes sense since I lived my daily life with them - wake up, bath, meals were all with them. There was once I didn't go back home for almost two months as we were busy preparing for the PMR and the school held extra classes. However, as I grow older, finishing my university level, I started to share everything with my blood sisters, mother and sometimes my father. It was like a big transformation of a transmission. It just happened. I have no theory to strengthen my claim there. Maybe a certified family counselor can explain this?

Okay, I should stop rambling here.

But for the record, yes, I'm such a cry baby sometimes* and this is one of those moments. ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey, it's February.

Month of romance to some people.

They would have started to think of their valentine's gifts.

Ah. Crap.

Hey hey, he's comingggg! :D

And I'm accelerating~