Thursday, October 30, 2008

being silly~

if i were given a chance to choose who i wish to be, it would be a mixture of...

Kimora Lee Simmons + Betty Suarez + Nigella Lawson
for her wealth, for her characteristics, for her cooking skills

how's that?? see, humans are never satisfied with what they have. they always want more and more.
(talking about elly)

and i think i fall in love again... =)
bila nk jumpe mr. boyfriend nih? iiiish!

sleepless in my bed =(

i couldnt sleep last night. each side of the bed seemed wrong to me. i was thinking about so many things. and one of them is Alice and Santa Cruz. Confession : i've always wanted a pair of CROCS but i just ignored it since it is kinda expensive, and i didn't have munny for her. but ili laaa..she keeps on emphasizing how comfort and SUPERcute Crocs are! i know, i know but i didn't have munny at that time! huhu~ and Kak Nur, i didn't know that she's wearing Alice (it has been quite sometimes that i've been mesmerizing her cute shoes) until the last time we met, i told her that "cute nye kasut akak!" then she answered me, "crocs. this is Alice". " laaaaa ye ke?? comelnye...!" starting from that moment, the urge to own a pair or two or more pairs of Crocs has gone crazy! but i mananged to ignore it because one of my traits is 'play ignorant'. since i can't afford it, just shut up about it. but ili reminds me again about Crocs! i just want to feel the comfortness and the cuteness that people are talking about. CAUTION: do not blame other people for your own greed.

look at Ms. Red Alice. how can i resist her??

Ms. Santa Cruz. i love the left one. but blue is also nice.hurrmph!

now i just need to save some munny for them. on Sunday i have a job interview at Pizza Hut. so i hope i'll get the job and my salary there can at least pay for Ms. Red Alice! i have no intention to ask munny from my mom because i'm sure she won't approve it.

to be honest, last night, while i was not sleeping, i could see myself, buying them, walking and hanging out in Red Alice and Santa Cruz! kesiannye~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

being tagged! haha!

1. The person who tag/pass you is?
+ Tirzah Yeoh =)

2. Your relationship with her/him is?
+ she's my former student during my prac

3. Your five impression of her/him?
+ lovely eyes
+ unique name and i love it!
+ bright
+ so schweet!
+ matured

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
+ hurrmm..wut eh? indirectly she helped in in the class. heheh

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
+ "u pronounce my name wrong"

6.If she/he become your lover you will?
+ haha! do you want me, ms. Yeoh?

7.If she/he become your lover,thing she/he has to improve on will be?
+ more expressive

8.If she/he become your enemy,you will?
+ hey leng wanna perang with me ah?

9.If she/he become your enemy,the reason will be?
+ have no idea!

10.The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
+ hug her until she's out of breath!

11.Your overall impression of her/him is?
+ i like her. i love her!

12.How you think people around you will feel about you?
+ haha.. make-people-perasan question! one thing that i know is i'm a clumsy person. an accident prone! ;p

13.The characters you love of yourself are?
+ hurrmm...being ignorant sometimes :)

14.On the contrary,the character you hate yourself are?
+ being a paranoia

15.The most ideal person you want to be is?
+ myself with a pinch of Betty Suarez here and there =)

16.For the people who care and like you,say something to them?
+ I love y'all. thank you for being there for me.mmmmmwaax!

17.Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you.
2.Jo Yee
3.Rocky Chan
7.Shu Ee (are you here?)
8.Ya Ying

18.Who is no.6 having relationship with?
+ (izzat) i know her name as leen. but i don't know her

19.Is no.9 is a male or female?
+ i think that person is a female..haha

20.If number 7 and 10 are together,will it be a good thing?
+ Shu Ee can stand on her own i think..haha

21.What is no.2 studying about? (Jo Yee)
+ i know that she's sitting for SPM nest year.

22.When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?(Rocky Chan)
+ few days back

23.What kind of music band does no.8 like?(Ya Ying)
+ you go and ask her but i'm sure it's Chinese

24.Does no.1 have any siblings? (ili)
+ Yeap! a sister and 2 brothers *wink*

25.Will you woo no.3?(Rocky Chan)
+ if i were a boy, ABSOLUTELY yes!!

26.How about number 7?(Shu Ee)
+ i don't think she is interested with me

27.Is no.4 single? (adeb)
+ nope. she's taken by an Indonesian guy

28.What is the surname of no.5?(Ben)
+ his real name is Vincent Ungko. not sure about his surname lah

29.What's the hobby of no.10?
+ i think it sould be collecting stamps

30.Does no.5 and 9 get along well?(Ben)
+ Ben? Ben Ten! Dunno lah

31.Where's no.2 studying at?(SPT)
+ Jo Yee is studying at SMKPBK!

32.Talk something casually about no.1.(ili)
+ hey my future lil' sister in law! haha =p

33.Have you tried developing feelings for no.6?(izzat)
+ haha! he's Charismatic tho. but just not my type. so, haven't.

34.Where does no.9 live at?
+ i think somewhere in Malaysia

35.What colour does no.4 like?(Adeb)
+ if i'm not mistaken, it's purple

36.Are no.5 and 1 best friend?( Ben and Ili)
+ they know each other. but maybe! hehe

37.Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?(Shu Ee)
+ Ms. Phua, i dint know that you carry yourself sexily after school. are you?

38.What is no.6 doing now?(Izzat)
+ i know that he's a part timer at MPH bookstore in SACC mall.

hah! so tired being tagged! kuik kuik~

new semester

this new semester that is starting i don't know when, i'm taking 5 subjects. i think with 2 final papers, both are counseling. shit. through out the 4 years of my degree, i've taken 50 subjects including these new 5 subjects! oh me lord. friggin 50 subjects? for degree? now i feel like going back to school. to study the same subjects for 2-3 years and sit for the exam. huhu. oh oh, i shold not be whining about this. this is my last semester! yeay! after 4 years of struggle and i don't know. i don't want to recall on what have been done within this 4 years of studying. my friends know the feelings of being crazy and totally out of control. i just didn't know what to feel anymore when i had to cover all the chapters that had never been revised through out the semester. that is the 'rewards' for being so lazy and haha! we were like maniacs whenever it comes to final exam especially for counseling papers. haha! so sad so sad yet so funny. i even sometimes gambled on my paper by doing it half-heartedly *don't do this*. ow shit! but thanks to god. i've never been ordered by Him to repeat any paper yet. i hope i will not have to. huhu~

and oh, i don't know what's wrong with my Yahoo messenger. i can't open it! daymn! i've reinstalled everything and waaala! it still couldn't be opened! shit.

and ili, where are you? i need to talk with you. i mean ym-ing with you. this bloody YM is such a troublesome!

Monday, October 27, 2008

think serious

it occurred in my mind of what i want in my life. things that i wish to have and do in my life. i mean, we must have desires. only desires and urges will make us plan or maybe, at least do something about life.

1. i wish to learn sign language so that if i meant to be a teacher, i can teach those unprivileged people.

2. i wish to buy a car. maybe kelisa as my first car. upgrade to Suzuki swift and maybe the mini =)

3. a unit of apartment or condominium or a house..

4. with this in it =)

5. i wish to have this red vaio!

6. i wish to learn belly dance or salsa..hehehe..

7. i want to have kids with my husband. i want a family. i want babieees!

8. i wish to be like Betty Suarez. she's optimistic, nice, beautiful, hardworking, etc. etc. she brings light to people's life.

9. i hope i could be a social worker to help the needies.

10. i wish to have a great job (whatever job it will be). this one need to be KIV.

11. and of course i wish to help my parents. to pay back all the things they have done to me until now, even though they never ask for it.

okay ginnie, do your work!grant my wishes! i've spoken them. huhu! so far, these are the things that i wish i could have or could do in my life when i grow up. =)

jiwang time

i can't sleep without listening to this song by Dewa 19. one question. i wonder why Indonesian songs are such a spooky. listening to the lyrics for the first time make us fall in love with the song. personally, i feel that the wordings sound very sincere. is it because of the singer or really the lyrics itself? i have few Indonesian songs that i fell in love the first time i listened to. i think most are also from Dewa 19 =)

i couldn't find their video. *haihs*

and oh Gio, i love you! every time i watch you, i blush. will you be my one night stand for lepak-lepak?

treat me nice boy!he's short, but who cares if he's schweet and sensitive and oh makes everything seems so romantic!

maybe i just love short guys now!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

shopping and makan spot

today, i mean yesterday (cuz it's 2.03 am and i'm suppose to be sleeping) i went to Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah or also known as Pasar Buluh Kubu. it is one of the famous places in Kota Bharu. it is octagon in shape. for locals, it is not so that 'happening'. and for those who are not into the kain-kain thingy and the local hand crafts and the non-branded stuffs, this may not be your favourite place either.

view from 2nd floor. this is the wet market. we can see makcik-makcik run their business here (i mean aaaalllll of the traders here are women). for the mutton and meats and chickens and fishes and eels etc., which are outside this circle, you can see all the pakciks handling the tougher tasks.

it is a building of four floors - 1st floor is the wet market, on the 2nd floor we can have our breakfast and lunch or maybe tea time, kuih-kuih like tahi itik, akok, jala emas (my favourite), buah tanjung (pun juga), tepung pelita (ya juga), and also instant food like snacks, dodol, kerepek, all the kacangs, serundings,traditional junkfoods like putu, ladu, sagun, keropok segera that is so famous, dan banyak lagi yang saya sendiri pun tataw jugak. in short, we can find all the Kelantanese delicacies that might be new to us. on the 3rd floor for and the 4th floor where we can find all the kain-kain, handbags, shoes, hand crafts, brooches, and so many things that we can put on lah. for guys, don't worry. you can get your kain samping songket and also wooven, kain pelikat and even songkok here =) and oh, of course your gifts for your mother or mother in law or sisters or girl friends.

one of the hundreds shops ran buy women or 'mek'. they sell kain for baju kurung, tudungs which have their latest designs with diamonds and sulams on it named after all the artists like tudung mawi, tudung dato' K, etc, kain batik, telekung sembahyang, etc. sorry for the picture is quite blurr. my sister grabbed my hand because she wanted me to help her choose her kain. isk!

2nd floor. all the dry groceries like dried chili, all the onions, are sold. also all the junkies.

this is the new entrance. new side of the building or if it is One Utama, it is like the new wing lah. hehehe..
thanx for the picture, whoever you are whom i took it from.

after that, we went to have our early dinner at Oriental Kopitiam.
nowadays, kopitiams are like everywhere. like at this kopitiam, there is another kopitiam in the same row of the block. it is Biker's Kopitiam. (?) ok. maybe that one is for all the bikers with their super motorbikes! but the special thing about this Oriental Kopitiam is the location. it faces Sungai Kelantan. so that we can see the sun sets. and also people riding their jet skis. i think we can rent a jet ski or being the one on the big pelampung behind the jet ski. i wish to try it one day. the food at kopitiam is ok la. i like mee kari, french toast (i think they put cheese in it), nasi lemak is not bad too. for those who want to try this place, it is at the new building, Pelangi Mall.or to be exact. at Ridel Hotel. exactly the same block. beside the river. there are indoor and outdoor seats. so u can stare at the river, ok?

mee kari. like home made kari. err..lebih kurang la

wah..this is like jalan-jalan cari makan and 360 show lah. huhu~

Thursday, October 23, 2008


i got a jo~ob! i got a jo~ob! hahaha...yeay! alhamdulillah. at last i am occupied now. as what?an editor-soon to be tutor cum day care sister! all happened yesterday, at one time and one place with the same source, at my MUET exam (i know its kinda late to sit for MUET for me. thanks to my aunty who registered my name without me knowing it! i almost couldn't bother about it anymore). for my exam, most of the candidates for my session are in their 4th and 5th semester of their study at OUM. they are doing their research proposals and some are the reports. they are so not sure about their proposals especially their format and of course the language. (i know, i myself is not good enough to do this but as i'm also doing my own proposal, so why not kan?) and i really really do my best for this cuz it pays my bills! haha! i have just given one proposal this evening and still have another one to go. she's gonna take it tomorrow evening. well, it really kills me that i'm doing things that i don't really like. but since i'm free, and need a job...kan? and they still have many to give me~ even if my mata terbeliak and otak jammed! that's the nature of work tho. tapi kan, berapa upah orang amik untuk keje-keje macam ni ek? tataw...

and, about the tutor cum day care sister, the same person (2 of them) asked me to teach their 7-8-year-old daughters. not only for English, but i think i challenged my self yesterday when she said she wants me to also teach their daughter for Mathematics and Science! hehe..especially Math. who in this world will come out with 7.5 for 14 divided by 2? me! me! me! ok. cut it off! plus, i think it's a standard 1 & 2 subjects. so, maybe it is not that tough., this sister (i call her kak ira) will send her daughter maybe with 's' to my house for the tutorial. or should i call it tution? because she wants me to do something like intensive tution like other tution centres usually do. ok KIV for that. the girls might be long at my house so in that case, i'm a care-taker of the girls! kan?

so, that is the symbiosis between us. i'm dying for a job (exagerrating. i haven't been looking for it yet), and she or they (kak ira and kak ina) need someone to check on their proposals and err.. more to finish it. and, someone to teach their girls English, Math and Science.hihihi

i end up teaching and correcting when i myself is tunggang langgang-ing. but, i'll try my very the best not to give ajaran sesat to other people.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the most eligible half-bachelor is getting married

why do i say half-bachelor? because he's taken by Ekin. its Mawi WORLD! hahaha..i was building my Sim's house when i received 2 calls at a time. one is my mom on my handphone, and my neighbour on the house nighbour asked me to watch astro awani (501) which is quite alien for me, to watch Mawi's announcement on his real-wedding-of-the-year wedding. wahlauwei, sampai buat sidang akhbar gitu! at the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel lagi!. the wedding will be at the end of this year. i couldn't hear very clearly and missed out some points cuz my father was talking on the phone near me. but Mawi's kenduri will be on th 28th dec at Felda Taib Andak lah. at first, he said "resipi", not "resepsi". i was alerted by that and wonder, "aaaa? oooo resepsi" sib baik ada orang sebelah dia btau, then Mawi joked about it. bagus Ekin! dapat Mawi..
and i like her tudung (lately..not the earlier one when she started wearing it). i think Mawi is the first Malaysian artist who is sponsored by a tv company to air an announcement of a wedding. this is real GRAND!


haha! itu semua propaganda!!! again..if my boyfriend knows this he would say that...konon nak ikut my mum n makcik pegi Rantau Panjang today. Her son is getting nak prepare la for the kenduri in December nanti..*gatal plak rasa nak kawen!* pegi la Rantau Panjang to find the stuffs for door gifts, and so on..i was so excited upon that..but this morning i was so sleepy and couldn't even open my eyes! sakit kepala pulak..bukan sakit kepala headache tu, tapi aha..berat kepala nk bangun! why? last night i slept at 2, watching Grey's Anatomy the new season. at first i was watching the new Aussie Next Top Model yang boring tu ( the girls are so not happening and lembab! slenge je sorang2!). it was at 12 am - 1 a.m. after that i as was flipping through the channels, tengok2 ada Grey's at ntv7! ape lagi? since i am so outdated kan. so just grab the chance watching it la. i think itu ulangan. all the tv series i watch are just by chance. kadang2 terlupa kan..but the new Grey's memang best (in fact, smua pun best). all the interns are now real doctors. and they are more matured and efficient. especially Meredith. she's very2 different in this new season. nampak lagi firm and smart. and everyone nampak macam dah kurus sket (?). hehe..kepada sesiapa yang belum start menonton lagi this new season, maybe this will lure you. huhooo!

and, talking about Rantau Panjang, for those who haven't been there, it is a good place to shopping murah2 la..but my mother always remind us not to go there on weekend and not during school break. here i give the tips on "Rantau Panjang shopping vacation" :

1. DO NOT go there on weekend or during school break. or else, the price will be not so murah anymore.

2. DO speak in Kelantanese if you can because depa akan sembelih cukup2 kalau tau kita bukan locals. (bawak je kawan yang org Kelantan sama, bagi dia cakap).

3. DO bargain. jangan just beli terus. tawar-menawar akan membantu anda sangat2 untuk mendapatkan the best price. or, kalau dia taknak turunkan harga, buat2 la tak jadi beli or kata nk beli kat kedai lain. haha! gerenti dapat murah pnyer~

4. DO bring along your bekal (air). it is so hot there! (unless if its raining). or you can buy mineral water anywhere there. but make sure prepare awal2. plain water at the restaurants there not so convincing to me. hehs!

5. its better if you reach there early. like 9- 10 a.m. because it will be so crowded and trafficos jamos will ruin your mood.

i think all the tips above can guide you to have a better shopping experience in Rantau Panjang. the same goes to Pengkalan Kubor. they are more or less the same places. but i think Rantau Panjang is wider. hurrm..i can' t remember how Pengkalan Kubor looks like. the last time io went there was when i was in primary, i think. it happens when you become the locals. it was a must for us to go there when we lived in Pahang. eeevery time we went back to Kota Bharu! once we are here, seklai satahun pun belum

Monday, October 20, 2008

barred! again??!


i'm starting to hate celcom (i always hate it, actually) bills gone outrageous because of the 3G data usage. It is RM210.80!! hellowww..if i'm not mistaken i subscribe for the CELCOM BROADBAND DAILY which only costs RM8 for 24 hours! and just once since my another last tremendous bill with the same issue! so what happen to the 8 hengget brodband daily? my boyfriend said maybe there was a technical error that the broadband daily thingy didn't put into account of my subsription..huh?? my local calls is tak sampai 20 hengget pun and my SMS usage pun tak jugak..hiisshh!!!
wuwuwuwuwu...i only have RM53 and a few cents in my wallet and how am i gonna pay the bills? i've burnt my cash for my kasut raya and all the raya stuffs last month to pay the bill and now how leh?? i think i really really need the job of the TOP MODEL lah!!! :( or biar je la kene bar..its cuti i'm safe and healthy at home kan...

its not fuunniiieyyy!

hahaha! a friend of mine asked me to watch this and its sooooooooo cute lah!! hahahaha..cepat! i want babies!!!

for this has been playing in my ears the whole day! i love the lyrics and lets sing together gether...

you! wanna be on top?

yeah..i wanna be on top!..haha!..i've been watching the Australia's Next Top Model cycle 1 marathon for two weeks and now here it comes the moredramaticos America's Next Top Model! cycle 11! woohoooo! i think i have few girls of my favourite. hehehe..(i couldn't get myself in so it would be enough being outside giving them moral supports and love :p)

i like Marjorie..she's such a sweet girl, look at her dark round eyes! owh..i'm melting! plus she can really speak french! j'adore Marjorie!

Annaleigh..i like her name in the first place..she got gorgeous flowy and i'm sure it smells nice, hair!

these are the girls of cycle the orange top is a half-asian girl..but i don't really favor her though..hurrmm..but i like Isis (she's in the green top..actually he was born a male!) but walaa!! see the changes..except fot the masculine voice she/he has..hehe..for the other girls, i'm still looking forward on their performance (i'm not trying to ditch Tyra or Nigel or JayManuel or J. Alexander from the show..hehehe..). but the Next Top Models shows, both Autralia's and America's drive me ceraaayzee!!! i wish i could be the Next Top Model..its okay if i'm not the winner, being given the chance to take nice pistures with glamorous and fantastic make up would be enough..haha! and..of course,those fabulous and yummylicious clothes and shoes!

here is Gemma Sanderson..the Australia's Next Top Model. i am not that excited that she won. i prefer Chloe. Yeap, she gives beautiful beautiful pictures but she's too paranoid about her body. she thinks that models must be skinny! isk..she even dabs the oil on her pizza and bitching about it..owkay, she'll make all the girls want to be skinny nanti..but..i love her walk on runway tho! hehe..

Chloe :)

and by the way, i didn't go for the job hunting pun today..spank me!..hahaha! bangun kul ape nak buat??? can i be the TOP MODEL???

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday boy~

hurrmm..i've been thinking about my boyfriend's is still a month away (i suppose so)..ok la..lebih kurang..but what should i do ah? still have nothing in mind! *sigh*

well.. i know! i must get a job first to earn that i can throw a birthday party for him! err...not exactly a birthday party..but to do something lah i'm gonna start my job hunting tomorrow! hooray! wish me luck! but first thing first, wish that i could be a morning bird (i wake up late during break)..huhu

and one thing..i'm so worry about my becomes so oily these it because of the hormones? or my diet? u know, during raya time, we can not stop ourselves from grabbing those lovely foods and kuih raya kan? so is it because of what i eat? hurrmm..i'm looking for a product that can solve sister is using this product and it seems her skin looks lighter and cleaner (no pimples nor black spots)...TIA AMELIA? will it work on me? me...

well, it has been quite sometimes since my last i'm feeling to write share my story with you again..but i'm still undercover with this blog...just for the moment..ngeeee! :D