Tuesday, December 30, 2008

back to school

classes are ON!
getting less time to babble here
less time to hang around
classes are ON, people!!!
piles and piles of assignments!

Monday, December 29, 2008

new year new (or old) resolution

goodbye 2008...
and welcome 2009!
have you guys set your new (or same old resolution)? i haven't. because it seems like i have the same resolution for years. it has been to study hard and smart. but how hard and smart i could be??? hahahahaha :P
neverthless, i still have other resolutions that change every year. sometimes i made it and sometimes i dind not. resolution is about how bad you want to do it and how open you are to opportunities that come (that's for my case). just come out from your comfort zone, insyaAllah, you can meke it :) (ehemm..ehem..).
okay people.
happy new year 2009!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

random of yesterday

lots of things happened to me yesterday. the highlight was FUNNY. yeap. funny to me but not to others.

1. it was my brother's engagement. we went to hell far and tiring Sabak Bernam for the ceremony.

2. when we reached there, i was the one who carried the cake's tray, one of the 5 hantaran.

highlight: 3. i dropped the cake right in front of the girl's grandmother, right on front of the house as we reached there. it was like the cake was terbalik nd penyet! i was so shocked and i don't know how to picture my feeling at that time, but i know it was hell so unexpected! everybody was so terkejut like okay, it was kinda humiliating. but to me, after that, it was kinda funny. it was like in cartoons where cakes flung here and there and destroyed! hahahahaha. the thing that bother me most was my new baju kurung got dirty of the cream cake. it was chocolate cake and duh..want it or not, one of my aunties safed the cake by picking it up and put it upside down back onto the tray. the tray was actually kind of slippery and the box of the cake was that transparent plastic box. the tray was light and the cloth is kinda a thin and silky. so it slipped la of course. hahahaha. nasib la.

4. i came across a zebra print wedges just like the one in the Lipstick Jungle. but of course this one is faux lah. and it is not a heels like in that series. it is a pump wedges. or there any specific name for it? unfortunately, there was no size for me. not even one size smaller! actually i had no intention to buy it since i have no more munny to spend. i've been spending quite a lot lately and have to wait for my next salary which is on 7th January. i was so sad. to me, not being able to get what i want is not a real doom. no, that's not actually the real one. but, the fact that i could not have a try of it due to the size problem is. because, at least, i got to feel when i could not have it. and to make it worst, when i got the size right, it suits me right, and the item is right, but the money is not right that i can't afford it. then, that one is a real real doom lah.

gosh, ape aku merepek ni??? by the way, i love my mr. crazy boyfriend oh so much!! he bought me a complete season 1 of Lipstick Jungle when he was in Penang!! i love you sayang!! mmmwax!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

it's Christmas and i'm crocking!

and as a Christmas gift for me, i got my pair of red Alice! yeay!!!!

i know crocs's size should be one size larger than our normal size kan. as for me, my normal size is 8, so my crocs should be 9. unfortunately, when i tried size 9, it was too big!! my feet went out of the shoes whn i walked. so how? i just took size 8 that suits my foot ngam-ngam.
and, i was in dilemma whether to choose blue or red. since blue is cute and flashy too on my skin, i was about to take blue. but i am fond of red and has been eying for the red Alice eversince i saw it, i took red, eventually.
can't wait to crocking in my red Alice!!!! yabeda beduuuu!!
santa cruz and patra,
your'e next. especially patra. i'm so gonna get ya! ;p

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


gulp!!! i'd go hysteria whenever i see x-peria!!!!
me loike!!!

p.s: i've touched it and put it on my ears!!! oh me goshhhh!!

drawbacks. the memory is not that impressive lah.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ha??? aku tak kerja dah??!!

iye..aku dah tak kerja. start hari ni aku dah boleh lepak-lepak kat umah. tapi nak kene pergi hantar balik uniform and apron and name tag pizza hut or else aku tak dapat la balik rm50 aku. and baru malam tadi aku perasan, kaki aku lebam-lebam. aku baru teringat, time aku kene keluarkan motor riders yang 6 buah tu, kaki aku selalu je terkena kat pedal motor tu. aku ada rse sakit, tapi aku tak tengok la (tak sempat pun nak tengok). mana tak nya, aku ni mana lah pandai tunggang motosikal, tiba-tiba pulak time opening, tugas aku kene keluarkan motosikal rider and susun mereka lawa-lawa kat luar pizza hut tu kan. pandai ke tak pandzi ke, kene la buat kan, dah kerja kan. nanti aku upload kan gambar motosikal yang telah pun aku susun cantik dan kemas kat tepi pizza hut itu. sampai hari ni pun aku tak berapa nak percaya yang aku hari - hari mengalihkan motsikal-motosikal itu (dengan keadaan aku yang tek pandai motor ini).

oklah kawan-kawan, aku nak pergi hantar uniform aku ni. sehingga bertemu lagi di lain masa, selamat tahun baru, selamat berazam baru (aku pun tak set lagi azam baru ni)...tata.


p.s: i'm gonna miss the pizza hut team members, despite everything...mmmuaxx!!!
diorang best! macam somtam 'abang kakak' kat depan pizza tu.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

stuffed crust pizza

and i think my theory about Europeans and Americans with Stuffed Crust pizza is relevant.
they love stuffed crust rather than the pan crust. or else, they won't eat the crust.
ngeh ngeh! :P


huhuhuhu..aku kat cc sekarang ni. hari ini bekerja 8 jam. so dapat la break 2 jam. tadi dah pergi makan sorang-sorang, so taktau ape dah nak buat. so aku datang la cc. lama dah tak update blog kan. lately sangat penat dan sangatlah malas. tapi ini sebab dah takda gang nk break sama-sama, aku datang la cc. huhu. pukul 4.30 sat gi kene masuk balik dah. malam ni habis pukul 9.
diumumklan, 20 haribulan ini, ialah hari terakhir aku sebagai Pizza Hut Team Member. lebih kurang 1 bulan dan 1 minggu je la aku kerja kat Pizza Hut ni. pengalaman, not bad. aku jumpa macam-macam jenis customers. ada yang aku seronok layan mereka, ada yang macam nak perli-perli je sebab depa tu tak reti nak hormat orang langsung! and, ada jugak foreigners yang aku serve, kata i am a very beautiful lady! hahahahah! *biarkan aku nak perasan sorang-sorang ok*. but overall, banyak sangat lah pengalaman aku dapat walaupun baru kerja sebulan lebih je kat sini. bayangkan la, dalam satu hari, berapa ramai customers datang. so seramai itulah jugak yang aku jumpa. tak kurang jugak customer yang dapat no telefon aku (bukan aku bagi, tapi manager aku yang bagi). macam-macam!
lepas settle semua ni (kerja aku), aku dapat la jumpa dengan Mr. Boyfriend!!! yeyey! tak sabarnye lah!!! and of course, nak siapkan research proposal aku sikit lagi lah. yeyey jugak.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


  1. i miss mr. boyfriend oh so much

  2. i am tired

  3. i want red Alice. really really want it!


hey, if girls out there wish to have a set of hair like Posh, Rihanna, Pink and you name it, my niece is proud that her hair is like Dora the Explorer's hair.

Friday, December 12, 2008


and oh, i've given you guys a wrong name of the new pizza. huhu~ it is not mexican. it is thai-moroccan, romano meatball pasta and chinese stir-fried pasta lah! hehehehehe...sorry sorry...no wonder the pizza tastes like tomyam. ngeh ngeh..and i bet the romano pasta is yummy. it loks yummy, i mean. i haven't taste it yet tapi. hehehehe...maybe later, when i got the chance kay. :D
and havana fizz drink, i like it. you shold try it too.

it's 8 p.m and i am at home

i am at home at this time?? yes...i requested from the manager to let me start working earlier so that i can finish earlier. hehehehehe...i worked from 11 a.m until 6p.m today. it is because of nobody is available to fetch me if i need to go home at 1 a.m. i had been asking help from my cousin to fetch me but i think it's not nice to trouble people so much. even though my cousin is willing to help me, i just don't want to trouble him anymore. he just got married and of course he wants to spend more time with his wife kan. hehehehe...thus, my working hour now is at 11a.m-9/10 p.m. once, i did the opening at 9 a.m. it was fun!! even though there are lots of works to be done, i got to breathe in the fresh air in the morning (words from a person who has been waking up late after working so late at night). it was quite tiring but it was no fuss since we got ample time to do it. every morning, there will be only two service persons to do the opening. we need to open the bar, set the table, swipe and mop the floor, polish the windows, take out all the motorcycles and park it outside the hut, and prepare the salad. other than these two service person, the others have to make the doughs, prepare the ingredients for pizzas' topping and etc. and i, for the first very time in my life, i moved 5 motorcylces out off the hut and parked them outside!! i have to say, i don't ride a bike and let alone to move it. the last time i remeber, i tried to move my father's bike and it fell. at first when the manager sked me to do that, i was not sure and told him that i can't move them. but later after that, Kak Gee came to help me because she said i was slow. hahahahaha! and yes,i was. because i did not know what exactly to do. if they ask me to do the closing for the service and bar, it is at the back of my hands lah.
there are so many things happening these few days. at work, relationship, my social life etc. and about my work, i am kind of lazy to continue it. i feel like resigning earlier than i am planning to. my manager adviced me to still be working on Christmas so that i can get double or tripple pay. the problem is, i think that i need to start preparing for my new semester (my assignments). haiseh. and of course, mr. boyfriend. i want to see him. so much!!
and one more thing,
i am so outdated for i am busy working. i know about the land slide, i know about ... i don''t. i don't know about any other news updates. hoih!

Monday, December 8, 2008

sakit gigi...makan banyak sangat daging. tambah-tambah lagi daging goreng. makan dengan kicap pun jadi.
hurmm..esok kerja. masuk pukul 5. sabtu nanti, aku tengok jadual, masuk pukul 1, habis closing. bayangkanlah...isk!
menyampah pulak aku tengok Fasha Sandha dan Farid Kamil dalam cerita Anak Halal ni.

pada hari raya haji


to all muslims

it is raya today and we did not go anywhere. it is because we don't have a car. one of the cars was crashed by my brother a week ago and yet to be repaired. the other car is with my brother in Sungai Besi. my aunties' cars are so limited due to their half dozen children and of course the space lah. how many adults can fit in a citra? not so many kan. so, we did not go to our another aunty's house in Tumpat to watch the Qurban ceremony.

we just stayed at home in our baju kurung, watching 3 barbie movies (the diamond castle, pegasus and magic of the rainbow) instead of 5 (thank god)- my niece and nephew lah. and we viewed the photoes taken by my talented uncle on the wedding of two days. here are some of the meaningful and storytelling moment..

changing hands for the hantaran. it was so heavy! these two are my cousins. they are sisters.

that's my mother. holding the black beauty.

my 4th sister in orange, me and my 3rd sister discussing of ...i can't remember. and that small kid in red, my cousin jugak. we are waiting to be welcomed by the host of the bride.

my cousin (the son of the photographer) in white and my little brother in blue. we are heading off to our nenek's house.

these are photoes on the wedding at our nenek's house. it was one day after that. it is called 'menyambut menantu'.

welcoming the bride's family by taking the hantaran. it was raining cats and dogs before that and it caused us to walk in zig zag.

err..i have no idea of what i was doing at that time. but we just love camera!

see... tengah bertugas as flower girl pun sempat lagi detect paparazi ;p

(the baju is too big for me. i took it because that's the last piece, and i wanted the colour to match with my kain)

my 4th, 3rd sister and i standing at the gate with the door gifts.

my little cousin in bilik pengantin yang cantik. she loves camera and camera loves her.

my nephew and niece whose mother left them for Yokohama tonight for 10 days, working. they are staying with us until the end of school break
you know what i am really really desired to do?
shopping on products at the guardian! they are having their great sale.
gosh! i just love buying (i mean, i wish i could afford to do this) skin care products hoping that it can take care of my unhealthy skin. i also wish to get the umbrella! it requires a purchase of RM100 and above.

new product

and aku hampir terlupa pula. pizza hut nak keluarkan produk terbaru sekitar 18 haribulan ni kot. so yang Flavors of the World promotion tu bakal dihentikan dan diganti pula dengan pizza ala-ala mexico pulak. and ada jugak chinese rice, and ape tah lagi. tadi ada test products (sebenarnya aku termissed test product rasmi pagi tadi because takda orang inform pun). yang petang semalam ialah untuk staffs baru bagi cawangan kubang kerian (aku tak dapat pergi ke kubang kerian disebabkan tempoh bekerja yang sangat singkat). tapi aku kenen-kenen sikit dengan manager kubang kerian tadi, so dapatlah merasa sikit. hehehehe (ya, aku tau aku tak pemalu). yang pizza dia boleh la tahan, rase macam ada kick sikit. macam tomyam gitu. itu maybe mexican pizza kot. aku bukannya tau sangat nama-nama dia. aku ada baca dekat spec chart tadi tapi tak ingat pula. and ada juga pasta tadi. tapi tak sempat rasa. aku kan berdedikasi time kerja. hahahhaha!! :P
so, kepada sesiapa yang belum mencuba lagi FOTW pizza, silalah mencuba segera sebelum promosi dihentikan. sebab pizza tu boleh tahan jugak sedapnya.
sebenarnya product testing ni sangat penting. semua staffs mesti turut serta merasa-rasa product so that bila customer tanya mana yang sedap, ini rasa apa, kita tau nak jawab. bukan macam aku yang baru je join pizza ni. bila orang tanya pizza FOTW pedas ke tak, dengan yakinnye aku menjawab, "taaakkk!! tak pedas!" padahal aku taktau pun rasa dia macam mana pada time tu. tapi mengikut idea aku, italian food jarang yang pedas-pedas because orang Eropah mana tahan pedas. hehehe..tai Arabian Pilaf rice sedap. aku suka, jadi cubalah rasa nanti ek. dan, aku perasan, mat-mat salleh yang datang pizza hut tu, suka sangat order Royal Massala Chicken pizza. boleh dikatakan setiap order yang au ambik, mintak pizza tu. sedap lah kot. plus ia pedas, dan spicy jugak. itu yang depa suka kot. lagi satu, depa tak suka pan crust. depa mesti nak order stuffed crust. hari tu, stuffed crust habis, so bagi je lah pan crust. depa tak makan tepi-tepi tu, tinggal sahaja.
hurrmm...ilmu baruku...

tak kerja !

yahuuuuu!!! esok tak kerja!!! err, technically today la, hari isnin. hati dah redha je kalau kena kerja pada hari raya Qurban even though rasa ralat sikitlah kalau kene pagi ke, tengahari ke. kalau kene masuk pukul 5 takpe lagi. tapi tadi tengok timetable, nama aku takda?? agak terkejut juga lah. tapi seronoklah because tak perlu pergi kerja time semua family members ada kat rumah ni kan. pls, tomorrow my aunty ada wat kenduri sikit. rumah dia menjadi tempat sembelih lembu 6 ekor. huhu. and lately, aku makan banyak sangat-sangat! orang kata berselera la kan sebab ramai-ramai. memang gila lah! maybe dah cecah 65 kot berat nih!! (oooooh, tidaaaaakkk!!!).

and by the way, aku rasa macam manager suka la cara aku bekerja (perasan) hahahahahahaha!!! bila dia tau aku tak kerja esok, dipujuknya aku supaya kerja. dia kata semua orang kuat cuti esok. la la la la~ jangan la harap aku nak kerja bila dah free-free orang bagi off kan. and, kan aku ponteng kerja hari jumaat hari tu sebab penat and berat hati je nak tinggal family yang tengah ramai-ramai ni. semalam pulak (sabtu) aku off. bila aku datang je hari ni, pakat duk cakap, depa ingat aku dah berhenti! amboi..aku hilang dua hari pun orang mencari ke??? hahahahaha......


lagi pulak, sebenarya hari yang aku ponteng tu, ialah hari gaji. alhamdulillah...tapi aku taktau pulak berapa ringgit gaji aku dapat kali ni because aku pun tak pergi check lagi. api harap-harap lepas la nak beli Alice idaman kalbuku itu. ameen...

and oh, aku ada upload lagi beberapa gambar-gambar hari kenduri hari tu...hari tu takleh nak upload banyak-banyak because aku blogging via mobile. hehehehe...

dan pengumuman, sebenarnya pengantin perempuan telah dibenarkan keluar dari hospital for good pada petang hari kenduri di pihak lelaki. so dia balik rumah dia, salin pakai baju pengantin dan datnag ke rumah nnek kami terus. alhamdulillah...
ini bukan gambar hari kenduri my cousin. tapi gambar kenduri jiran seminggu yang lepas. tapi nak nak jugak upload. hehehehe..ini time upacara merampas tiara sang pengantin.nak merasa lah katakan. yang dalam gambar tu semua anak-ank jiran aku. mereka juga tak terlepas mengenakan tiara yang berat itu. huhu..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My 3rd sister and i, with the door gifts.

With my 4th sister.we are all purple!

Me,camwhoring :p

Hantaran from pengantin perempuan. My favourite item is the sneakers. My cousin is kind of a sportsman. Thus memang sesuailah kan. For your information,all the hantarans are made by the bride,herself.she is an expert in this. She even accept tempahan for biskut raya and cakes. So lucky!

Tadaaa! Inilah hasilnya! :D

We were preparing the pengantin lelaki's room at our nenek's house. We must admit it,we are multi talented,inside.hehehe

Some of the hantarans from pengantin lelaki.i made the fruit basket! ;)
sebelum bertolak ke rumah pengantin perempuan

At the bride's house.


Hallo! I am so busy with my cousin's wedding these two days.i even ponteng kerja yesterday!hahaha! The sad thing is the pengantin is not at their wedding because the bride is still warded at the hospital from dangue.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

my mistakes and rude customers

i am new, of course i don't know EVERYthing at the hut. but i am more than willing to be scolded (nicely) or anything if i deserve it. afterall, it IS wrong when it is wrong. :)

1. i voided orders that has been sent to the kitchen. dang! it is WRONG. do
not do this when you are involving with oreders and machine. first, the customer
asked for large pizza. and punched in the order as (L). suddenly, she wanted to
change it to regular size. i went to the machine and void the (L) and keyed in
(R). the next time, she wanted to have large back. and i, went back to the
machine and void the (R) and keyed in the (L) again. that is totally wrong. we
can't void orders when it has been sent. it should be me, telling the customer
that nothing can be done becasue it is already punched in. hehehehehe....that
was my first big mistake and lesson, of course.

2. i keyed in double orders. soem of the tables in the hut are combined.
e.g. table 13 & 14 are considered as 1. 15&16, 17&18. so, when we
take orders, we must just take one number of table from the two. it is up to us.
and the runner would understand. i, i know and very clear about all those
things. it starts when the docket machine at the computer where i have keyed in
the orders was out of paper. so the dockets can't be printed. i asked the
manager about it and she said go ad do it again at another computer (tehre was 3
computers). i misunderstood the insruction. i thought she meant that i had to do
everything again. so, i went to another computer, and keyed in the orders again.
the table was 15&16. so it is considered as ONE table. the fisrt time, i
keyed in table 15 and the second tie was 16. it should be no problem with the
number of the table. BUT, my misinterpretation IS. what the manager meant was,
go and print it again at another computer. ngeh ngeh! my mistake is called
'double order'. it is a lost to a company. the other manager asked me to try my
best to suggest the same order next. it was Meal 4, breadstick change to garlic
bread. and lucky for me, the very next order that i took was asking for Meal 4,
CHANGE to garlic bread! see..i've reconciled everyting okayyy (the kitchen boy,
Wan made fun of it). and i even covered an order of a set for my friend tonight,
without fail (i suggested, and they bought it. my eloquence, i guess..)

at times, there are rude and snobbish customers that make a rude me.

1. last two nights, there was a pakcik with 4 children (the
children also need to be taguht about manners, i presume). in his order, there
was a criscut fries. to have the sauce (mayo + lime), you need to add rm1 and
tell the person who is taking your order. but this pakcik did not tell the crew
and suddenly called me, asking about the sauce. i asked the kitchen and he said
about the rm1 and asked me to asked the pakcik lah. and you know what he said?
"alaaaaah..bolehnya kita nak bayar..masukkan je lah dalam bil nanti.." mak
aih...muka macam
!@#$%^& je the moment he said that rude line. i was still smiling, get him the sauce and keyed in the order. and i overheard the ugly fat and not so pretty daughter (i think she is around 11-13 years old) said, "itupun nak kene ajar ke??" amboi amboi amboi...kau ingat kau pandai sangat??? SPM pun belum, nak biadab ngan orang (dalam hati je la kan). and as i was wiping the plates at the bar, he called me again, "eh..eh..takda sos ke?? ke kene bayar jugak??" amboih!!! kau pehal nak tambah-tambah line yang belakang tu???. at that night, i was so angry that i showed my rude face. we are just following the procedures. bukannye itu kedai bapak aku ke, aku ke yang aku bole buat sesuka hati pun. and it happened that azie, the bartender that night forgot to make his son's mango tango. i was at the bar. and i asked azie to put the mango cordial more than is should. my intention was so that the son got home and suffer from diarrhea. hahahahaha!!! but of course we did not do that. azie just laughed upon that.

2. and last night, as we were so busy in the hut, there was one table
of pakcik(s) with ketayap(s), asking me as i walked pass their table sending
foods to other table. he said, "eh...mana barang ni tak sampai-sampai???". after
settling the other table's foods, i went to the machine to check the orders from
the pakci(s) table, to make sure that at least they got the soups as i can send
the soup first by referring to the listed orders. but my good and sacred inention
turned sour when i saw on the computer, it is said that "serve:3 minutes".
halllo pakcik!! kau baru je lepas 3 minit ambik order kat situ, takkan nak
sibuk-sibuk tanya dah kot. sabar lah!!!! bukannya boleh siapkan makanan guna
. after that, i just ignored that table and went on with my other important

see, people. when you go dine out at any restaurants, do consider the situation of the place and of course everybody involved. unless, the service is really surely defnitely damn lousy, then you can complain :)

my week-end


it has been a few days since my last post!!! i can't believe that i could be this busy

(tired, actually).

well, i WAS so busy last week since my neighbour was having the kenduri, and of course, i lent a hand for the wedding. here are some of the pictures we snapped snapped on that day. i am yet to copy more pictures from my negihbour's son. thus, these are just from my phone...

haiseh!! i don't know what's wrong with blogger. my photoes couldn't be uploaded!! or is it my connection?? hurrmm..

by the way, i am proud to say that i made the sirih junjung for the bride's side!!! hahahahahah!!! i was the bidan terjun that night. after work at around 2.00 a.am, i just had my light dinner (okay, i think i'm putting on my weight since i take my meal after work, EVERY night), i straight away went to my neighbour's house as they asked for my help on the sirih junjung. i don't know how were they inspired to call me for that. and i, just gave it a shot. but of course i referred to a book before putting my hands on it. and waallla! they said it is lovely!! i mean, it looks like a sirih junjung lah. ngeh ngeh.

and by the way, i dropped my name tag in a drain today during my break. actually it is not my name tag. it is one of the kitchen boy whose name is WAN on the name tag in which the manager asked me to wear his since he needs me to do the service. and this WAN boy, he got two name tags and willing to lend it to me. and now what i've done to his name tag??? hahahahaha!!! the manager laughed when i told him tht i dropped the name tag in a drain.

but the bright side of it is, i got my own name tag!!! it is written 'TRAINEE, ELLY'. see??? there's a miracle there. but i promised Wan to get him a new name tag later.

haiseh!!!! i've been trying to upload photoes but it is in vain!

nevermind lah...

and i think i am so much improved in my job. now, i am not the bartender anymore. i am assigned to handle a section. there are 3 sections in the hut. A, B and C. C is the biggest section. usually, crews who are assigned section A will also have to take section B that makes it two sections. but, section C can be considered as a big section because the tables there are for 6 people. the customers on section C are from family, big group of friends, and those who want to hold a party. sometimes they combined 3 to 4 tables for themselves. that makes the order is big, long, expensive and to me, extra cautious, complicated and needs follow up. but most of the times, i could handle it. except for some mistakes that i've done with the punching. that is another case....
and oh! i met my coursemate, Roselina (i am not sure if i spell her name right). she was there with her family to celebrate her nephew's birthday! and my exschoolmate, another exschoolmate whom is now married (maybe) with my former school technician. hahaha! it was kind of funny when we meet people from our past, unexpectedly in a very unexpected condition that we will never thought of! me? pizza? hahahahaha!!!
hahaha!! at last!!!!
my sirih junjung. the base is based on the book. the upper decoration is my own copyright :D
yes, it is very simple but i made it!!!!
isk!! but just one picture?!!!
ape ni??
maybe some other time lah.