Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello :)

Hey~ Lo~ :O

Well, I'd love to show off my BFF. Err..I don't really like the term, BFF tho.

After years (many many years, I mean); since I was still a kid (to him), he is my soulmate, I'd say. He knows me inside-outside. He strengthens my points without me having to tell him. He unveils my most secretive feelings. I just can't keep anything from him - *sigh*. He knows how my system goes. He even knows the person I love the most. He's ready to protect me and biff those who screw me up!

I heart him muchos that I'd cry myself to sleep should he's no longer there to protect me. ;(

No, he doesn't want to be famous. He refuses his photo or anything about him to be published anywhere, unless for the Ministry purpose i.e. Jabatan Pendaftaran, for the I.C and passport.
But I've already published this. So how now? Shall I just proceed with your photo? ;p

Thank you for being such a darling to me. Eh, making me such a darling to you. Hihi :)

I heart you too :)

Oh, I shall change the title to My BBF then ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Her to You.

Hello, how are you today?

What are you doing?

Have you taken your bath?

Breakfast / lunch/ dinner?

Have fun with Dj. :)

Hitting the bed already?

No no no...She doesn't care at what time did he wake up this morning. She doesn't want to know if he'd taken his meals. It's up to him when is he going to take his bath, with whom he wants to go out today, what he's doing, etc. She doesn't even care. She doesn't even want to know or ask about it.

Because those are the things about him that she's already known by heart. She knows his daily routine already. She knows every single thing he's doing and his activity with Dj too.

Out of all the things that she could wish for right now, he is above all. Yes, he is above all.

"Me??" Yes, you.

She just want to see you. Having meals at your favourite spots, munching on boxes of Rocky together, going out for movies, ermm...what else? Ah, she can't recall things that you usually did together, for it has been almost 7-8 months ago!

She's stopped counting days. She's stopped hoping. She's stopped all her wishful thinking. There's nothing else that she could wish for but to see you, and to feel you for real.

"Mais...quand?" She asked herself.

Hey, You.

I felt like I’ve known her for life for the first time I saw her.

She’s my reflection. We share almost everything in common. We pointed out to the same beautiful blouse from afar when we were walking together. We have somehow the sme approach in teaching and managing our anger towards the students, we like the same food, we share the same interest; wait, no. Not really. She doesn’t play sports like I do. “akak memang kaki bangku,” her favourite self-proclaim.

I miss her. I hope she's doing great there.

Before she left, she gave me these...

this hub...

the envelope of Kapersky anti-virus. Yes, just the envelope; and the mask that has been hanging on her notice board, i believe since the H1N1 aftermath; that is before I was called to apply here, i suppose.

and soon, I'm leaving my hub too. Yes, very soon.
*yeah, it's messy, I know*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is deep. Thank you le Beau. I heart you, nevertheless. :)