Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, everybody is still talking about late MJ. TV and radio stations too.

This is one song of MJ that has a big impact to me. I was about 8 years old if I'm not mistaken when I first listened to the song and watched the clip.

It taught me to think about the world. About different people in different places. About animals too. What about them?
Hoh, aku nak bercerita.

Tapi malas nak menaip.

Tapi Ili, thank you for the new pair. Hu hu~


Friday, June 26, 2009


One day, i companied my mom to a plant nursery. She loves gradening despite of her not so green fingers. I love gardening too. Err..or, I love gardens. And if I were to plant anything in a garden (lets not tell whose garden), it will be daisies.
Daisies of alllllll colors!

And I was about to buy the seeds of my daisies and the pot. It was a rectangle pot that I think was so perfect for my daisies. But I didn't because my mom said, "nanti awak takda, sapa nak jaga dia? cerewet ni bunga ni,". Yes, I was still studying at that time. And my mom is kind of too busy to take care of all the flowers and the cats and the people in that house. That includes my little brother who is so called wants to have his own plant and bougth this one kind of plant when they went to Cameron Highlands without me. Yes, without me! Ithink it died already. Poor cute green plant. My sister said there is a garden of daisies but she's so clever that she did not snap any pictures of 'em daisies. Is that true? That there is a garden of only daisies there? Oh, I want to go to Cameron Highlands!
I'd be happy to recieve daisies rather than that of roses. I want to have daisies on my wedding (fantasy starts). I mean, a lot! I want a bed of daisies, not roses.
By the way, talking about the flower daisy, I love this flower the most. Oh, I think this is the only flower I love besides tulips. But i don't think we can plant tulips here. Thanks to our hot and humid weather (only).

see, cantik kan? uuuiii..gerammm!! geramm!!

How I wish I could have a house surrounded by daisies and tulips! Where's my genie?

And that drives me to fall in love with this Daisy. Yes, I am a perfume person. But I'm not the type who loves to buy perfumes. Hehs? So far, my sister and Happyness are the only sources of my perfumes. And mom too. Currently I have two of J.Lo's (happyness loves me to smells like J.Lo, I suppose), Tomy Hilfilger also from him, and casablanca from my mother. But, I'd love to have Hillary Duff's range of perfumes as well. That is because I love her. Ha ha! And I love perfumes that smell like foods. Any suggestions?

And errr... sometimes I wish my nick name was Daisy too (berangan tak sudah). My step cousin's name is Daisy and her plat number is DAY51. Tak achi kan? What numbers give you an ELLY, by the way?

Nevertheless, I don't like Daisy Duck, tho. I just don't like her. And Minnie too. And maybe I shall start digg Pushing Daisies. I never had the chance to watch this series!

P.S: I shall get the seeds one day. Wait up. Wait up.

*Lembut kan jiwa aku? cakap pasal munger~*

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What are you most afraid of:
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Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

To My HappYness.

Teee heee hee. =D

I am happy as my HappYness is coming back for good. I mean he's coming back for a 3 month-break. I can't feel any better and relieved as he is safe through out the sail and now coming back to the main land. I'm going to arrange my schedules of interviews and whatnots ;and he will need to settle his stuffs and the new course. Whatever it is, I am glad as seeing each other is not impossible anymore!

At least for 3 months!

*uhuuurrmm! clear thorat*

Dear HappYness,

Welcome home and do reach home safely. I've been waiting for this moment to come and it seemed He listened to me and granted my wish(es). Me so sorry for all the stupid(s) I've done upon waiting for you to really can come home (after two times of false alarm). And now, I'm sure I won't do such again because being with you is all that I need. My crankiness will be caged for several months or hopefully as you wished, forever.

*answering your phone call..*

Can't wait to see you, boy. I just can't imagine how to react when I see your face later. It has been 4 months since we looked into each others' eyes. I'm sure I'm going to be all shy and that butterfly in my tummy, she's surely going to fly and tickle again. Oh, I just can't wait for that very moment to come! Really, I can't imagine the smile that is going to crack when I see you. Will it be from ear to ear? And maybe that smile will go frosted on my face that people will give you weird looks. And also, maybe it comes together with a jig and giggles along way. Hihi. Take care. Me love you muchos. Cepat la oiii!

-your sweeTness-

*this is what happened when the phone line is barred. Need to send this big SMS*

Avoid H1N1 its your call. Wipe it on your sleeves/tudung or make sure to have tissue/hankie with you. =D
*picture from campaign poster in KPJ elevator.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For you, my man.

If you happen to read this, do know that I'm so sorry for what we're having now. Every relationship has its ups and downs and maybe this is our lowest point. But it can't be this long, the silence. One night would be sufficent for us; usually. Been waiting for your call or SMS every night before resting my eyes with hopes that your call will wake me up later. This is akward, really.

I know you are there. You are reachable yet I am in no access to reach you.

I miss YOU.

P.S: You can call me anytime you're ready. I've had enough of this silence. Done mine. :(

P.S.S: Friends, could you please text him telling him this? Or maybe just tell him that someone is missing him so badly.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dora the Explorer Masuk Hospital

Admitted due to gland infection. Done CT scan and antibiotics drip.

Nasib baik ada misi-misi yang cantik dan cermat ni. Now I know why I can never be a nurse. But to wear the costume? Can..can..Huhu~

Cubaan Dora menjadi Hagemaru. Tak jadi.

The area of the gland infected.

Nama sebenar: Damia Athirah bt. Mohd Dzul Akmar. Umur: 6 tahun. Nama panggilan: Kakak, Athirah. "tapi ada kawan-kawan saya panggil saya Damia", katanya.

Disebabkan kakak masuk hospital, adik dipindahkan ke rumah makcik yang sorang lagi.

Kak rumah aunty chik, adik dapat main gitar. Goreng saje.

Achu dapat main transformers adik. Berjaya jugak aku bukak lori ni jadik robot.

Pagi tadi, bawak adik swimwim(swimming). And then ada seorang laki ni, tunggu kawan dia nak swimming sama. Dia break a conversation dengan aku.

"are you staying here?" kata beliau.

"no, my sister is." aku reply.

"what do you do?"

"still looking for a job. I mean temporary job while waiting for the posting list to be out"

"I see. What kind of job are you looking for?"

"teaching." with a sweet smile on the face.

"teaching? English?"


"is he your yougest?" referring to my nephew who was happily swimming.


"aaah. no, my nephew" with a funny smile.

* * *

Suka hati saje. Kalau yang ni last child, berapa lagi la anak kat atas aku ada kan? Tau la muka aku ni matang dan motherly. Ha ha. Tambah pulak muka baru bangun tidur dan mandi pagi tadi. Hu hu.

Bila aku fikir-fikir balik, ada dua implication yang boleh dibuat.

1. "oh, ok, he's cute, your nephew."

2."wow, he's your last child and you still have that body!"

I prefer to believe the latter. Ha ha. Vain, ok. Menyedapkan hati

* * *

Itulah orang kata, aura. Aura. Aura yang kita keluarkan mengikut watak yang kita mainkan. (Falliq, anda pasti lagi pro pasal watak-watak ni kan? hihi)Nampaknya aku lama sangat jaga budak-budak ni, kira macam aku dah jadi macam mak-mak dah. Ye la, hari-hari, budak-budak ni tak bangun lagi mak ayah depa dah keluar pergi kerja. Kira aku yang run the house sampai dari pagi sampai malam. Memasak, mengemas lapan kali sebab tak pernah nak kemas dengan budak-budak ni, melayan diorang ni kejap yang tu nangis kene buli, yang ni la. HUisshh..Dah macam mak orang kan? Aku berjaya mainkan watak ni nampaknya.

Sama la bila kita bawak watak sedih (sedang bersedih) orang akan nampak yang kita bersedih. Garang ke, perengus ke ape ke sama saje. Macam aku, aku tengah pegang watak Nanny yang dah ala-ala mak kan. So, nampak la keberjayaan watak itu agaknya.

Btw, esok kakak kena oprate. Harap-harap selamat. Amin~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Musical Films

Been listening to Jim Sturgess. I watched Across the Universe on HBO this evening and fell in love with the story and that Brit. Ha ha. Have always loved the Brits for the accent. But from what I heard, Liverpudlian accent is not that pleased to be heard. Well, yeah. It is a little bit funny to my ears and quite difficult to understand. Fortunately my friend who lived in Liverpool did not pick up that accent. He speaks British English without any Liverpudlian's dialect. Just perfect!

I am fond of musical films. Starts with the childhood interest - the Sounds of Music, Moulin Rouge, Enchanted, Phantom of the Opera, and Across the Universe, the not so old yet not so latest movie that I have just watched. But I didn't enjoy the Spirit. It was a watse of time and money for the movie that day. Oh, and I didn't do the High School Musical. I have no idea why I am not attracted to that famous musical film. Seriously, I don't know.Hehs. And when I say musical films, it includes the Hindi movies which has been like years since I last watched them. The newcomers and the new style of saga are just not as good as the old ones, I think.

Watching musical films is like giving me the escapism and makes me understand the story more just by listening to the songs they sing as the flow of the story is told synchronizingly with the songs. It makes the plots more meaningful and interesting. I am amazed on how the songs are arranged to meet the scenes. It is somehow entertaining watching the people on the streets, the police, priests or whatever characters in that scenes were suddenly singing and dancing. It gives you the frantic ambiance of the story.

Music Playlist at

Several songs from Across the Universe that linger in my ears

*click the arrow buttons for more!

Basically, most songs in this movie are originated from the Beatles'. The characters resing the songs and Jim Sturgess has just stolen my heart! Hu hu~

Friday, June 19, 2009

Aku Yang Marah

Oooh..marahnye aku!!! Seawal begini bikin hati panas saje! Memang merosakkan kesabaran aku. Dah la orang yang buat aku marah tu tak heran pun kalau aku marah. Lagi la naik gila aku kat dalam ni.

Tau tak, anak buah aku yang lelaki ni, dia pergi masukkan air dalam botol syampu aku!!!


Waaaarghh!! Geramnya! Tadi masa nak mandi, terkejut aku tengok syampu aku cair je. Sekali aku goncang botol tu bunyi macam air je. Geram je aku nak picit botol syampu tu nak make sure yang apa yang aku fikir itu adalah benar (dah tinggal separuh jugak la syampu aku akibat aku tak percaya kejadian tu dan aku picit, bukak cap ia dan tuang nak tengok secair mana syampu aku telah diperlakukan). Patutla hari tu aku pakai syampu mak dia pun cair semacam je. Aku ingatkan sebab memang syampu mak dia dah nak habis so mak dia taruk air. Budak kecit ni punya kerja rupanya. Dah la sympu aku tu baru lagi, banyak lagi. so wajar la aku nak marah kan? *panas hati lagi*

Lepas aku mandi, aku keluar, tanya budak kecit ni,

"adik, adik main syampu achu ea?"

dia geleng-geleng kepala. Aku panggil dia pergi bilik air, kasik tunjuk sikit botol syampu baru dia kenal itu syampu siapa.

Dia geleng-geleng kepala lagi. Aku tanya lagi,

"adik bubuh air dalam syampun achu ea?"

Muka terkantoi. Dia senyum je. Kimeeennn~

Geramnye aku!!

Ini la pesalah terbabit. Beliau seorang yang hyper active dan suka menyanyi. Buat apa pun nak menyanyi. Beliau juga suka melompat setempat dan melompat sekeliling rumah. Kalau tak lompat, berlari. Nak tengok dia berjalan, jarang-jarang sekali.

Selama aku berkecimpung dalam dunia Nanny ini. beliaulah yang telah membuat aku menjadi garang macam mak tiri. *still marah lagi hal syampu cair*

"why should you feel miserable upon other's problems and messy life?"

A guy asked me.

Well, that's maybe I am a loving and caring person. I care about those I love. I care about other people as well regardless of who the people are. I can't be too ignorant when I know there's something I can do even if it is the least of it. I'll show my care even with a word becasue sometimes, that is all that person needs to feel better.

Appreciation. Learn to appreciate.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

She's Back!

Hello. Ermm..
I think I’ve ran out of drugs. I realized that I was so high~ and behaved so strangely for the past few days. However, now, at this very moment, I think I’m loosing my “YES Man!” syndrome. Gosh, my life is so infected by this movie. But it is a good movie, I shall say.

When I am in that happy syndrome, I tend to do things in a whim. Yes, I don’t think twice or thrice. It is like I am lost in my own world. I'd laugh easily to small occurances as I am in a super duper happy mood. I’d say hello to random people which in the contradiction of that I am a shy person. I mean, not that shy. Down to earth, maybe. Hehs. (okay, this may be due to some leftovers). Ignore.

Hence, in this case, thank you for enjoying my vain posts that sometimes are over-rated and self-engrossed (I even hate it when i read it. Ha ha). Even though you never enjoyed it, hey ho!

*This sinus is giving me hoarse voice and oh, running nose! Come, come, who wants to help me wiping it?*

Now I'm back to normal even though it is fun to be a YES Man. I'm glad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Self Proclaim

Well, I know this is silly and irrelevant. But pardon me for I just love the fantacy fact of it. Ha ha!

According to "which celebrity would play you in a movie of your life?" from FB, mine is ...

Rachel McAdams

You are both sexy and the girl next door. The ultimate male ideal. You blend sensousness with wholesomeness in a way no else can. You're the kind of girl a man want to take home to momma and simply take home....

I love the first sentence most *cough* and I am fond of her. So let me just keep this result here than let it trails in that cyber quiz world of Fb. Woooho!

*the perk of 'gedikness' is on for the moment. Sorry*

Huuuuh. Aku Tak Tawu...

...kenapa aku rase aku semakin girlish dan gedik dari sehari ke sehari?

Di manakah kelelakian aku?? Masalah hormon ke?

OOhh tidakk!! Pulangkann!! Tak suka~

Mari Kawan-Kawan...

..kita main masak-masak.

Memandangkan macam banyak je orang request resipi cuppycakes yang saya show off kan hari tu, ini dia resipi nye yang kakak saye ambil dari website mana, saye pun taktau.

150gm mentaga/butter/planta
185gm tepung naik sendiri (try guna blue key. macam best)
150gm gula kastor
1/2 sudu teh soda bikarbonat
3 biji telur
1 sudu teh esen vanilla

Cara-cara dia macam biasa je. Basic buat mana-mana cake pun. Butter ngan gula dulu, then telur dan esen vanilla pastu baru isi tepung sikit-sikit.

Topping dia:
250gm butter (1 ketul buttercup tu)
250gm icing sugar (kalau nak kurangkan manis, boleh kurangkan lagi ikut suka)
150gm shortening

mix butter dan shortening sampai dia jadi fluffy. Masukkan icing sugar yang dah diayak. Icing sugar diayak so that dia tak berketul nanti. Gaul semua sampai betul2 ringan. Basic dia putih. So kalau nak warnakan sesuka hati, just divide mengikut suka.

Lupa pulak. Adunan ni untuk 35 biji yang kecik. Kalau agak-agak cup anda besar tu, dalam 20 biji lepas kot.Mixture ni adalah yang paling basic. So, kalau rase nak ada perisa sikit, boleh je tambah ape-ape. Contohnye, scrape sikit kulit oren untuk cupcakes perisa oren, tabur chocolate chips, taruk jam ke kat tengah-tengah. Anything! Selamat mencuba!

I wonder...(this is not a review)

What if I were a boy? I mean a male. I happened to watch Lalola the telecomedy that replacing never-ending Marina on TV3 this evening. Well, having too much time in my hands, discovering new shows and series is part of the activities. I’m not an ardent follower of this telenovela but I know the gist of the story enough. And the soundtrack of the story is somehow catchy and funny.

Man, I want that shoe with red base!! Saw it in Wickerpark too*

The story is about a man who was cursed by a witch summoned by one of the admirer who seemed to be heartbroken of the guy who is so called a womanizer. The witch transformed the guy into a woman so that he could feel whatever other women feel when they are taken for granted, in general. Yada yada yada I think that's how it sounds. Go google or wikipid yourself if you wish to know the details :)

Okay, in this story, Lola(the transformed man into woman) had difficult times adapting to high heels, menstruation, shaving or waxing and all other women’s stuffs. Interesting! Magically, the witch turned Lalo(the real man) into a stunning beautiful woman (Lola). Should I were transformed into a man, how would I look like? Would the male version of me looks as good as I am Lola or somthing like her? Yeah, my eagerness of silly curiosity absolutely kills the cat! Is there any software that can generate our face into something else when is combined? Anyone? How I wish I could find one!

But basically I think, some features of mine looks like men's features. Wait a minute. I mean some features are stronger than any other women’s. I am in no intention to scare the blokes around me. But I think my jaw line is quite strong for a woman. Or maybe average woman. It is sharp and errm..strong like some men have. My friend said my jaw line looks even stronger than my little brother’s. Hehs. But I’m not quite sure if I have entirely an athletic figure or a mixture of the hour glass figure. But well, my height is enough for an average height of a man, I suppose. And maybe with slight compression here and there. Ha ha!

All in all, I think to take care of oneself for a man is not as tedious as a woman who needs to take care of the long hair, colouring the face with make up here and there, fake eyelashes and whatnots, on which area to emphasize to look stunning, to get balance in heels, to find the right size for the upper undergarments, and oh, menstruation. Another thing is the outfit. We have like hundreds to thousands designs for just a specific part of clothing, you name it; designed by the designers with various tones of colors for women but the same old style of clothes well, with maybe slightly different placements for the zips and buttons for men just to make it fresher and for a new look. Or maybe the cutting can be slightly different but still with the same style. Got my idea, don't you? Just look at any awards on tv where basically men will appear in black or white or any different colors of tuxedos, i repeat, tuxedos and women with fancy schmansy dresses and some are not even called dress. Ahs, lets learn serious fashion some other time.

Aha. But one thing I am curious to death and will never understand. How does it feel to be kicked in the balls?? It looks like half to death. Does it really?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ibu Saya

Tadi aku urut/picit tangan mak aku, sapu-sapu minyak sikit. Maklumlah orang tua, tangan pun dah lenguh-lenguh kan. Masa aku khusyuk memicit-micit tangan mak aku tu, baru aku perasan yang warna kulit tangan kami sama (mak aku berkulit sawo matang). Kawan-kawan, janganlah bandingkan warna kulit tangan aku dengan muka aku yang agak sedikit gelap daripada anggota badan aku yang lain ye. Memang kulit muka aku dah agak 'ireng' dek terlalu aktif berko-kurikulum di sekolah dahulu dan alpa tentang penjagaannya. Kaki, tangan dan badanku lebih digemari warnanya. Berbalik kepada tangan kami. Warna dah sama, sawo matang (aku suka!), tapi tangan tua mak aku dah agak berkedut-kedut dan urat yang berwarna hijau pun berkelihatan. Tangan aku pun nampak urat juga, tapi kulit tak sebegitu, masih tegang dan lembut lagi. Kuku tua mak aku dah nampak sedikit keras berbanding kuku aku yang masih berkilat digilap dan cantik terbentuk. Aku picit dan picit, urut sikit-sikit sambil melumurkan minyak angin (aku memang dari kecil pandai mengurut, kata mak aku. Tapi bila dah besar ni malas pula. Jahatnye aku dah besar-besar ni). Setiap kali aku picit tangan mak aku, matlamat aku ialah supaya nanti jari jemari boleh diregangkan dan berbunyi detakan tulang jemarinya. Tapi kali ni kurang bunyi pulak.

Kesian, mak aku dah tua. Panggillah beliau Cik Yah ye. Nama beliau Shamsiah Muhamad. 'Shamsun' bermaksud matahari. Padanlah dengan peranan beliau dalam hidup aku sekeluarga. Rumah akan rase sunyi dan tak berseri kalau mak aku keluar out station ke waktu beliau bekerja dulu, keluar ke kedai ke, mahupun ke belakang rumah melawat nenek.

Mak aku seorang yang tabah. Pada aku, beliau boleh digelar 'Wonder Woman' atau 'Bionic Woman'. Beliau sangat hebat di mata aku. Aku agak berbangga sebab rupa aku ada sikit-sikit iras mak aku. Tapi mestilah mak aku lagi cantik dari aku. Maksud aku, ada dalam beberapa gambar aku, aku dapat tengok persamaan wajah kami dari sudut-sudut tertentu. Paling ketara ialah dari atas, di mana waktu itu ialah ketika kenduri khatam al-Quran. Gambar aku tunduk mengaji ada iras mak aku (lensa dari depan yang menampakkan batang hidung dan kening aku sahaja). Aku pun tak tau nak jelaskan dari sudut mana tapi aku tau aku ada iras beliau di situ. Aku suka hidung mak aku. Kalau boleh aku nak ada hidung macam beliau punya. Gilanya aku ni.

Aku juga agak berbangga kerana aku dapati ada beberapa persamaan dari segi personaliti dan stail antara kami berdua. Ehh, ada la. Tapi aku agak kagum dengan diri aku jugak, walaupun aku selalu juga buat perkara yang tidak disukai beliau mahupun mana-mana ibu di muka bumi ini di belakang beliau, aku tak pernah meninggikan suara kepada beliau. Aku ni jahat pun berpada-pada.

Yang paling penting, mak aku telah melahirkan kami tujuh beradik. Hebat kan tu? Tujuh kali kesakitan! Dan aku kesakitan yang ke-6.

Ehh. Terasa rindu pula dengan mak saya.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fresh From the Oven

Setelah setengah hari membengkokkan badan membuat cupcakes...
Pening-pening kepala menengok kaler-kaler untuk mencantikkan cupcakes dan mengcover cacat cela meraka. Hu Hu...
Ini la umur saya sekarang!

My handwriting is better on cakes. Now you can imagine it on papers!

La~ la~ la~

Cupcakes ini tidak menggunakan fonden cream. Cream biasa saje. Hommade by the amateurs (that's me). My sister is always an ardent baker whose dream is to open up a bakery one day.

* * * * *

Btw, korang penah tak hilang tahi lalat (moles)? So far I've lost two moles on my body. on my face which is currently scrapping out. My sister said, if it can fade out, then it is not a mole. Tapi, masalahnye, tahi lalat ni dah berada lama kat badan dan muka aku. Yang kat badan tu dah hilang dalam dua tahun lepas, after like since forevre being there. Yang kat muka ni pulak (bawah dagu) pun dah sejak azali lagi berada di situ. Tiba-tiba dia naik macam jerawat dan boleh terpicit keluar pulak!! Hairan sungguh! So sekarang, no more mole on my chin! Hilang satu pemanis sudaa..

Okai. Mari makan cupcakes saya!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

He He He

Salut! Je te presente Nice, Paris! Can you see me there? In the polka dots bikini? Yes, according to my friend who's studying there, unlike Malaysia, the beach is covered with pebbles. Interesting!
* * * * * * * *
My, oh my. Ada ke aku pergi France? Mesti korang tak habis baca threads dalam facebook tu (esp. Mr. Falliq). As my post here is automatically posted in Fb, anybody who is trapped in this fraud too, please welcome to know the truth. Hu hu!

Falliq, sila rujuk status "rendang ayam for lunch" di profile saya jika anda terkeliru.

Tiba-tiba pulak ada orang percaya. Tapi bagus jugak kalau betul-betul jadi kan? Piji, you're gonna have a beautiful companion there. Wait up, mon amie, wait up. Haha.

* * * *

Btw, I'm in trouble now. I lost my tweezer. Daymn!!! It is something that I can't live without, no kidding. Here is the list of top mini tools/things that I can't live without:

1. Tweezer to pluck pluck! I prefer to pluck certain area than to shave. It is more satisfying, I believe to get a clearer and smoother surface. *details are not compulsory*

2. Body lotion. It is a must for me to apply on lotion on my skin after bath or before going out jollying. I know my skin is not as smooth as babies but at least I put an effort to keep it moist all the time. I even carry a small bottle of Nivea in my handbag eventhough I love my sherbetz yoghurt more (why don't they come in smaller size?). Hu Hu. Plus, to have lotion in your handbag is also good for girls on the go whose hair tend to get dried off or frizzy after a hectic day. You can apply a small dollop of lotion on your hair to cover up the flaws (tips from CLEO).

3. Nail clipper to keep off the claws and germs. I feel uncomfortable having long fingernails. Sometimes I grow them in purpose *cough cough* but more than often I prefer to keep them short, clean and neat. That would be when I am too busy to take care of them or in an emergency where I am heading to a function or maybe something important and find out my nails is like a caveman. That’s the time when my nail clipper comes to the rescue for I always have it in my handbag! To me, to keep my hands clean is very important. I won’t eat with my hands without washing it first or if desperately I can’t do so (no water supply, etc.), I won’t lick my fingers even though my favorite sauce left on it. (Kind of an OCD). I love guys with clean and neat fingernails too. Aww~

4. A packet of tissue paper to wipe wipe. You will see me with a piece of tissue paper on my other hand while I’m eating. I think I am the person who causes the restaurants owners not to put the box of tissue on their table because I’ll use more than other people can imagine just for eating. Sometimes, you will also see my one hand with a crumpled tissue in it. Ask sailorBoy what usually happens when he wants to hold my hand. One more item in my handbag!

5. Cotton buds or cotton swabs to keep my ears clean and for clearer sound system. When I was in high school, staying in a hostel, I would take my ample time not only for bathing but also after bath. I would take my sweetest time digging my ears with cotton buds to absorb all the wetness inside. I wonder how did I manage to live in such restricted schedule of a hostel life with my dawdling style of digging? Now, as busy as I am having too many errands to do, I’d service my ears whenever I feel closer to deaf. But as paranoia I am about my ears, the least frequent would be like once in two days. Clean enough, I suppose.*uhurm*

6. hairclips or headband. I can’t stand hair on my forehead blocking my eyes. That’s why I think I don’t keep fringe. But now, I don’t need those anymore as my hair is as short as a boy. Shorter than his.

7. Blotter. The more effective oil absorber than the tissue paper. Sometimes when my hormones go fluctuated, the oil is just so annoying and uurghh! frustrating as it will affect my pimples production, Inc.

8. Pen and small note pad. Well, this is to jot down important things in urgent and also can give a good hand to other people around me who in need of a pen and a paper. Or like my aunties said, it is common for teachers o have at least a pen in their hand bag. I am yet to be the one but it seemed my habit is a good practice for my future profession. Heee~

Okay, people. I'm not in France. Still in Malaysia, unluckily. Hehs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Moments I miss

As i browsed around my old lappy, old pictures caught my eyes. Very old ones...

When we could sit down and laid back, got nothing to do, camwhoring...

Hanging out, made pictures almost everywhere...

in the campus...

at the Mamak...

I miss those moments when we could sit down, relaxed...

without feeling bad about it. We felt good, instead. A bliss.

'I miss my long hair. I could do so many things with her. Hu hu

Ah. I need to buck up for my trip. Bye!

Aok lah!

Aie. Aku asa aku pun sawak dialect dah decayed tok! Tok lah aku asa sik best coz sikda oghang mok klaka ngn aku lam dialect ya! Kawanku, Eapa, mun nya klaka ngn aku nektok, nya sikmok gik klaka cam besa nok mek orang klaka time di shah alam nun. Nya mok juak klaka lepeh! Eapa ko!

Mok harap gerekku? Nang sikda lah nya mok klaka sawak ngn aku. Nama jak diam siya tapi nya sik pande juak. Aku gik pande bah.

Ku dapat asa nok aku nang sik akan pande klaka sawak gik coz nektok everybody dah jaoh bah. Mun kelak dah tua, baru mok jumpa gik, maybe aku dah babo time ya. Sik apatlah mok catch up everything dengan mudah.

* * *

But for now, aku nang ingga with the situation that i'm facing now. Not to say ingga, but sedeh bah. Gerekku sik apat balit bulan tok coz ya ada lah something wrong there. So, sik apat la mok berdating (kenja endah aku tok).

Ah, it's already 2! Baek aku tido. Mata dah itam kedak panda. Sik molah assignments and thesis pun cam tok juak upa.

*sorry, palak sik cun mlm tok*
I miss my friends muchos. Jadi gila klaka sorang dirik!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rawak Saje

Ches!! Kakak saya lupa birthday saya semalam rupanya!
patut la tak sampai fruit cake kegemaran pun!

Pukul 2 nanti nak pergi kenduri rumah saudara jauh. Waaargh~ takde kasot nak pakai!

Erm..tiba-tiba terasa tua. Umur dah 23. Tak boleh nak duduk rumah disuap mak ayah lagi. Ah, malasnye! Tapi gatal pulak nak kawen.

Kan best jadi macam Hagemaru! *mengantuk*

by the way, can i have Caklempong or at least Gamelan team on my wedding? Ha ha..tak abes2 lagi gediknye.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Gift

The best birthday gift ever...

to have sailorBoy with on the other line for me.

I thought the ship has taken him away to Europe or somewhere else as he is supposed to be in Bintulu on the 8th June (according to my weekly counting).

That's the challenge we have to face in our very own 'sail'. Next is to plan for our dates. Sigh

*macam ni rupenye bercinta*

Btw sayang, since you are here.
(I'm pretty sure your connection is slow)


heheheh..alter2 sket..

What is it with 10?

Okay okay. Why the number 10 is my favourite? To be honest, it is not because ‘10’ is the date I was born. Neither because the number is reserved for the greatest player in a team like Pele, Maradona, Zidane or even the footballer whom I had a crush when I was in high school. I often heard that ‘10’ is a favourite number of many people. I have a friend who also likes this number. I have no idea why is that for her.

Ten or dix (deece) in French, or ‘asyarah in Arabic. There’s an idea implied by this number that is seemed could be interpreted into something meaningful from my perspective. I love the idea of generalization that I could see from him. Yes. To me, ‘10’ is a ‘he’. Don’t you think so?

To me, ‘10’ is perfect. It is a complete pair with a holistic definition. In life, everything is created in pairs like Adam and Eve, Ying and Yang, black and white, spoon and fork and whatnot. That is the first idea that I could see from ‘10’. The digit ‘1’ is paired up with ‘0’ into a number – 10. ‘10’ is a simplest pair of digits.

Secondly, ‘10’ represents the idea of comparison. ‘1’ is a straight line that could start from A to B, or an infinity that will never meet the starting point (A). Whilst ‘0’ can also be said as infinity but it runs in the same circulation again and again that passes through the starting point. 1 is a straight line and 0 is the curvy one.

Next is about the shape. ‘1’ is like a solid structure that no hollow space can be filled. Meanwhile ‘0’ is a build that has an empty space to be stuffed in the middle. ‘1’ is solid and ‘0’ is hollow.Besides, it also shows the thin and the fat. We usually show a sign using the pinky finger to say someone is stick thin and blown up gesture for fat. ‘1’ is stick thin and ‘0’ is round fat.


Okay. Another idea that I could see from this number is about value. We usually have this specific rank from the least to the most. The least usually starts from ‘1’. Before the least, ‘none’ takes place first in which is the ‘0’. Value starts with ‘1’, and ‘0’ shows no value.

See? That is why I like the number 10. 10 shows the simplest general ideas about life. And just so that you know, there were several weird occurrences with me and number 10. There was a time where my bus number is 10 and so did my seat number. When I went to interview to enroll this TESL program, my turn was 10! And lots more that I can’t recall.

Actually, it is a well- known fact to some friends that I have weird images of numbers. Or I shall say, creative? I see number 2 as a delicate figure, 3 as a retarded, 4 as a relaxed figure where he crossed one of his legs, 5 as arrogant like it pulls the face a bit upwards, 6 as a hunch back, 7 as robust, 8 as funny and cute (for this number, try to shape an 8 using your own body and look into the mirror.. There) and finally 9, same as 6. Or if you write your 9 with the round and a stick figure, it’ll look like a seductive, voluptuous lady the Betty Boob- like. 0? 0 is simple and surprised.

There. I wish I were good with numbers. But giving them weird images is all I can do.

Well, Happy 23rd birthday to me! :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I feel like...

This can't be good.
Oh, God~

Things I Love












Urrmm..Can I have them as a gift? Or maybe 1 - 2 of them? Graduation gift, birthday gift or just a gift?

Oh, I can't believe that I lost my Topshop skinny jeans just like that! Truly demmit!
Ili, you can kill me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dan sebenarnya...
Aku rindu.

Dan sebenarnya...
Aku tak mampu.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just In Case, You Need to Know


I’d come to you with zero cynical thought, with zero hidden intention, with zero nasty remarks; on the first place.

I’d trust you like I have no doubt in my dictionary.

I’d do anything I could like I’m afraid I can’t do anything for you at some other time.

I wouldn’t have vulgar thoughts for you like I understand that everybody has flaws and because I respect you.

Somehow, trust would be such trivial for you when you’d keep on questioning my actions when you see it is wrong to you.

You’d say I turn on your back when your request is unfulfilled.

And you’d tell yourself how wicked I am about it like you have never knew me before.

That is how the trust would decay, skeptical thoughts would come into the picture and different annotations would be glued. Fortunately, respect will be kept still.

Severe Devastation and Deprivation.

You’d create it yourself if you decide to behave that way.

I’d come with clean hands. Don’t you try to smear it cause I am in no intention wanting to do it myself. It is just not my favor.I even hate it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kenduri Jom!

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow (err..I mean, today, 6th June). Sadly, I don't have enough shoes to choose for tomorrow! The box that I have with me now has no fits shoes to wear! The other box is still in Shah Alam. Demmit!

And I still haven't pick my baju kurung. I think I need to get a new one. My baju kurungs collection is getting boring.

It is my old friend's wedding. She is Ainun Farah bt. Jaafar. Thus, it is important. To make an entrance amongst the old friends after 8 years! Ha ha! No more childish looks. We are all grown up, tomorrow. Next next weddings are so expected from now. Mine? Not in the calendar yet. I'm not ready to settle down. Yet.

I've buffed my nails, anyway. And I miss that My One Shop. I can have ten buffers cause it is only 1.90RM each! Oh, I miss you so~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Wish

I wish to travel around the world and taste all the different foods. Of all countries. I mean in every continent, district and village.
Except for the bizarre ones.

And I wish to have Curtis Stone in my kitchen to cook for me. Perfect.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sekolah Pun Cuti

Ya! Mari kita mulakan cuti sekolah dengan aktiviti yang menarik! Semalam saya pergi mandi pantai di Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) bersama dengan anak saudara saya, kakak dan adik lelaki saya. Berikut adalah pautan daripada aktiviti kami...

Air laut sangatttt masin! Sepanjang pengalaman saya, air laut di sini boleh dikatakan sangat masin (masin gila!). Sekiranya di Teluk Cempedak, ianya tidak lah semasin ini. Perstiwa ini telah memberi idea kepada saya untuk menukar destinasi percutian saya kelak. Selalunya orang sukakan pantai untuk bersuka ria, bulan madu dan sebagainya. Tapi saya fikir saya lebih suka berkelah di air terjun. Lupakanlah pacat atau lintah buat sementara waktu.Yang penting, airnya tidak masin, dan segar pula. Tetapi, ketika berendam di dalam air, saya telah banyak berfikir. Saya merasakan satu kerugian kerana saya tidak pandai berenang. Adalah amat rugi. Bagaimana saya mahu ber'scuba diving' sekiranya mengapungkan diri pun masih belum mahir lagi? Oh, amat besar kerugiannya! Kalau saya bercuti ke pantai, jawabnya saya hanya mampu bermain volleyball pantai (agak terer la) dan..menjadi mangsa benaman pasir sahaja. Ok. Saya tak kisah.