Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello, Please Meet Her

Yes, my Angelfish, Mable. Haha..

Mable with Boy, staring at me, who is now a night-potato-couchs!

Being a potato couch at home after work, my attebtion will be diverted not only to the TV, but also to the funny fishes in that tank, that is next to the TV. Everytime Boy makes that bubbles, I will think that he is hungry. No, he is not. He just love to entertain me.

Meanwhile, as for Mable, I found out that she loves Readhead. Yes, my orange cactus.

See, she loves to float on that side of the bowl...Oh, there's is Bulge, another cactus of mine.

I found this funny, somehow. She will be floating, staring at Redhead, smwimming around, and come back to the same spot, to stare at the plant. Maybe one day I should move this plant to somewhere else and see what sill happen to her. Haha!

By the way, my Tiger Barb, which I am yet to give him a name, seems so sad. Actually he is a schooling fish. Hence, he will be sad when he saw nobody of the same species. Only once in a while he will be seen swimming around with Boy, the goldfish. But lately I can rarely see him. He would be found hiding behing the plastic plant I put inside the bowl.

Maybe, I should get his friends later. Wait, to get a school of Tiger Barb requires me a bigger tank. Well..maybe I shall trade him at the aquarium shop.

Meanwhile, my swordtail, Rae and Blige, I will surely get your new friends soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Everyday, every time I watch TV, I can't help but to look at my lonely goldfish. his partner died a week ago. Well, he committed suicide, I'd say. He jumped out of the bowl which I believe had been days stranded crying for help. Haha! Eh. Poor lil fish.

The lonely goldfish, lets call him boy; loves to do the bubble while staring at me, who is sitting on the couch, that facing the TV, that is next to the bowl, in which he is swimming. Sometimes he circle around the bowl, chasing, oh, I don't know.

Meanwhile, from the couch, when I turn my head to my right, down a bit to the feet level, I'll see the small square aquarium, where I keep the swordtails. Ah, by the way, there are only two swordtails left; Ry and Blige only. Jay was found floated on the surface, not so many days back. i don't know the reason of the death.

Staring at the two tanks where I keep my fish, more than often I feel like giving up. Not only I don't find keeping a fish as ideal, where we are actually take them away from their habitat; I also feel like I don't have the time to feed them. I tend to forget. Well, maybe because they are too little as compared to cats. Fishes don't meow like cats if they're hungry. Fish don't come to us and rub themselves to our feet like cats do. Okay, that shows the unideal parts that I'm talking about. Urm. Guess so.

But hey! Guess what??

I just bought two new fish! I intended to get him (the lonely goldfish) a new friend. Yes, I did. In fact, two new friends! However, they are not goldfish! It happened when I stopped by the road to buy coconut drink. Well, Manjung is really really hot that I feel that I need to wet my throat all the time!

After lunch, I drove around the small town until I saw a banana fritters stall that sells coconut drink. I maneuvered my car across the street to get that cooling drink. As I stopped the car, and getting ready to get out of it, I was fascinated by a school of goldfish that was swimming happily in a tank inside an aquarium shop, a few meters from me.

Suddenly I forgot about my deserted throat and went straight to the shop. I believed that, that was the time for me to get him a new friend. Surprisingly enough to me, instead of browsing the goldifsh in that tank, I walked through the row of tanks and browsed other fishes.

I asked the owner about compatible fish to be put together inside my goldfish bowl. Well, most of the tanks have the compatible fishes. After browsing and thinking, I decided to get Anglefish and Tiger Barb to be his new friends. Now I have two new fishes! I hope they befriend with each other inside that not so big bowl.

To my swordtails, wait, babies, I'll get you new friends from your breed, okay. =)

Oh, I told SailorBoy about my new hobby. Err..well, maybe a hobby. He told me that one day, we might have something like this at home...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

On Radio to Work


Sometimes I hate it.

No, not hate. Dislike.

Sometimes he dislikes it too.

We dislike it when the time appears to be difficult for us.

Nevertheless, I know.

I know this is the best for him now.

Yes, at least for now.

I don't want you to quit. I know you can go further in this.

The perfect time will come for us, baby. We'll be there, someday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

....is he the one? Now I'm not sure.