Tuesday, July 28, 2009

During Sick and Healthy

  • Aku cranky bila aku mengantuk tapi tak dapat tidur.

  • Aku jadi degil bila aku sakit. Aku tak suka makan ubat dan aku takut jumpa doctor.

  • Aku jadi semacam kurang asam kalau aku penat gila babeng tapi ada orang yang semacam nak gurau-gurau manja tak bermunasabah dengan aku.

*Erm..baru aku sedar aku ni sebenarnya moody dan agak mengada-ngada orangnya. Tapi kalau dengan dia saje.

Tapi aku tak perlu risau lagi. Aku tau seorang lelaki yang mampu melayan semua karenah aku ini dengan jayanya. Seorang lelaki yang tahu menjaga aku bila aku sakit tapi tak sedar diri degil. Seorang lelaki yang tahu aku perlukan masa untuk tidur sekejap demi menghilangkan perangai cranky aku itu.


Mohd Azrin bin. Mohd Azhar

Aku nak kawen dengan dia. Walaupun dia berperangai seperti ayah-ayah ketika bertegas suruh aku makan ubat dan marah aku kalau aku mengada-ngada, aku tetap nak kawen dengan dia. Sebab aku tau, dia akan menjadi seorang Ayah yang baik untuk anak-anak aku nanti. InsyaAllah...

P/S: sekarang aku masih demam lagi. Badan masih panas-panas. Tiada lagi orang nak berdiri sebelah aku dan tunggu(paksa) aku habiskan air masak sebanyak 4 mugs, dan jaga waktu makan ubat aku. Aku tak suka makan ubat. Kalau aku tak makan, ada dua je sebabnya. Satu, sebab memang aku terlupa dek ketidakprihatinan aku. Dan dua, sebab aku memang saje-saje taknak makan sebab aku tak suka makan ubat. Aku rasa pil tu macam tersangkut kat trakea aku je.

Ma! nak kawen!!

(rasa macam kena pergi clinic je lepas ni. pasti clinics di seri iskandar sekarang ni murah dengan MC)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Working but Fever?

Ah ha! Now comes the latest valid news.

We need to go to work tomorrow! Yay!

But I am now DEMAM. So how? The VC said DO NOT come to the campus if we are having even a mild fever, cough or even flu. Not even a sneeze! With that I need to get an MC then.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still Not Working

Hah! Latest news about our closed down campus.

This afternoon, I got a message from Adib telling that we are closing until 2nd August! A few hours later, my Coordinator called me to inform the not so happy news to us lecturers but the students.

God, we are paid based on our teaching hours, monthly. This is absolutely cutting down the pay kan.

Oh oh, no self-indulge is happening in this coming weeks, I suppose. And one more, to replace the 8 days classes?

That equals to my 26 hours with 7 groups!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Bollocks!

Well, I had a great time walking around the campus in my selipar jepun today! Yes.

How? No, the Pak Guards didn't scold me even though I look like much of a student. And other lecturers also didn't scold. But some students gave me the weird look.

I was heading to the printers to photocopy the exercises for my class this evening until I forgot something and went back to the room to get it. I got my stuffs and guess what? I left my keys on the table and I didn't notice it until the photocopy was done.

No fuss. I mean I was still cool. I went up to my room and look at my room mate a.k.a my mentor's time table. Okay, she's having class from 11 until 1p.m at the AC building. Fyi, the AC building is next to the APB, our building. But is is around 1 kilometer away, I think. Is it, Mun and Adib? I don't know kilometers.

Okay, the room is AC033. Ground floor! okay!

Then I walked down the stairs in my selipar Jepun for the first time in the campus, under the hot sun (I used the shortcut which is the road). Oh, not to forget, the thick grammar textbook and stacks of photocopied exercises.

I reached there, and knock the door. I opened it and what?! There was someone else in that room! Not the person I was looking for! Godemit! I must have looked at the wrong day of the timetable!

I went back to the APB, using the same road, with the same speed and nothing in mind. All I know was I need to get the key. Or else, I would have to loiter around having my works hindered. And by the way,my room is on the second floor and the nearest way between the AC and the APB is by using the stairs, and then need to pass the bridge that connecting the other wing of the building. And my room is in the center, i think. Yes, I climbed up the satirs again, and walked passed th wing.

Well, God must love me! I looked at the timetable on Friday! Hello. hari ni Khamis, okay. And the room that I was supposed to knock on was AC208. You see that '2'? Yes, It is on the second floor, at the other end of the AC building. (the building is the U shape).

Then, what? Ya lah! I had to walked down the APB, along the road and climbed that AC208!

Finally I got the keys. And lost a few kilos, I think. But thank god I was wearing my selipar Jepun. Or else, I must have fallen down the stairs!

Funny? If you were me, you will call it stupid. But yeah, everything is funny to me =)

I'm Lovin It!

The more I teach, the more I get.

I mean, I have different styles and approach of teaching that is definitely improving than the previous classes of the same topic. In short, I'm enjoying every moment here. And the students are fun. I started to care about them as if they are my brothers and sisters.

Satisfaction? It is everywhere everytime I manage to do it wonderfully. =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Man, me and random.

"Marry me..."

Yes, boy. I've changed my mind.

"will you marry me? now?"

Being apart from you is my current worst fear. Me love you.

* * *

btw, the fog here is getting worse. I'm inhaling the fog right now, in my own room. It is heaty. I am tired even though I have taken my power nap (it's 4 hour. nap?). Oh, maybe I still need my weekend. Two days are not enough.

I want it back! Doraemon, you know that I'll never stop calling for you!

btw, gotten the finally finalized timetable. I have night classes! 'Yay!'

Jadi student lagi best! tsk!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Craving Moment


No they won't come.

I'm craving for at least the fries. Subway and sushi too. And nasi lemak kupang berlada in front of D.E!

Why am I asking for things that are not here when I don't bother when they are possible?

Most probably I'm going back to KL or Shah Alam this weekend.

Btw some senior lecturers said that we look like one of the students. And some students think we are the classmates. How old must we appear to look like a lecturer then? Huhu!

And..I think I'm going to lose my feet with the heels and the walks. my legs are aching up to the butt!!

oh I'm looking forward to go to school. I mean the school school. I heard that the posting list will be out in November. I want to be a school teacher lah.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1 huhuhu


Okay it is funny that I have started my day as a lecturer. Oh I prefer to call myself a student lecturer as I am still learning to suit myself with the title. Gosh! I felt like a student everytime we met other lecturers a.k.a our colleagues. Oooh. So funny.

I am yet to enter any class since I've burnt my both classes today. First morning class due to the briefing - submission of the timetable; (this lappy's comma is broken); our mentors and the room that we need to share with as they couldn't find any room for us yet. I was so pening with too much information at one time and met so many people that I couldnt even lock in their names! Also penat walking in my heels and searching for the classes. And I was sweating like a pig!

Actually I have written so many things here but due to the macam harem Celcom Broadband connection; (even my 3G connection pun like semacam baik takde phone. Nak call out or in pun mcm ow my gawd~); everything is gone! tapi thank you Moon bagi pinjam! =) Tapi ngaper celcom nye connection macam harem?

But as an accident prone I always am I nearly fell down the stairs. Thank you.

And oh yesterday (Sunday) we went to Lumut and did our housewarming shopping in Manjung. My brother took us there. And my mom insisted to visit my brother's base in Lumut. It was so amazing looking at the camp and the ships there!

Basically I am in search for a good spot to eat. So far I think that mamak next to Rahmah punya maggi goreng and teh tarik boleh tahan sedap la. And I noticed that Rahmah mini market in cheaper than the Halida.

And oh; I also concerned that there are so many cats died on the road. On my way to Lumut I saw like 5 cats mati. I think the cats here love to play by the roadside. Last night after having our dinner at the mamak; Mun almost rolled on a cat that was running across the road. Poor cats.

Okay okay. Actually I am so excited being here and experiencing my new life. Tomorrow is going to be another long day. I'm entering my ID class and EM class. Hello y'all! =)

Mari mari kita tidor. Esok sekolah!

P.S: esok pakai Alice ye.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sekarang di Tempat Baru!

Saya sekarang telah pun selamat sampai di Seri Iskandar. Sementara keberadaan abang saya di sini, saya mengambil kesempatan untuk menggunakan broadband beliau untuk singgah ke alam siber ini. Hu hu (sebelum saya mampu membeli moden broadband sendiri atau dapat meminjam broadband si boyfriend).

So far, Seri Iskandar agak best. Bagi individu yang hidup secara sederhana, this is the right place la. Tadi, sejurus selamat sampai di bandar baru ini, kami makan kat Hentian Bas Seri Iskandar memandangkan itu sahaja tempat yang paling dekat. kemudian, kami singgah Pasaraya Halida untuk membeli sikit barang-berang keperluan. Kami pergi jugak kedai hardware (nama Sun ape tah) untuk menambah barang-barang rumah. Teka siapa yang paling teruja membeli belah di situ? Mak saya. Beliau memang suka pergi kedai-kedai barang rumah macam ni. Saya juga. Kakak saya pun rasa tempat ni ok. "Semua ada kat sini. Takyah pergi Ipoh la esok," katanya. Tapi saya nak pergi juga. Nak jalan-jalan sambil cari-cari barang seperti rak ke, selipar jepun ke. Oh, saya nak beli tilam!

Ternyata, saya tidaklah merasa begitu kerugian menolak tawaran INTEC. Sebab di Seri Iskandar, saya rasa saya akan dapat memiliki simpanan yang lebih dengan kos hidup yang agak rendah di sini. He he. Tapi untuk bulan pertama ni, sudah pasti lah kena belanja lebih untuk melengkapkan keperluan kan. Hurm.. InsyaAllah semuanya baik...(nak kumpul duit untuk sambung belajar, kemudian beli kereta, kemudian nak kawen okei. InsyaAllah) - sayang, you mesti suka part ni kan. Sayang, saya sayang kamu juga~. Sangat-sangat!

Isnin mula kerja. Nervous. Sangat-sangat jugak.
Oh, satu je lagi. Saya tak pasti adakah ini bakal menjadi pilihan tetap saya ataupun saya akan berhenti selepas satu semester dan menjadi guru sekolah?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Life (style)

Oh, I'm starting a new life in Sri Iskandar.

This is the beginning of _____ .

We shall leave that blank empty. It's too early to say anything about it. Lets pray for the good good things okay.

But I'm in love with Ipoh, already. =)

But... INTEC or Sri Is?