Thursday, November 27, 2008

improvement at the closing

i finished at 1 a.m last night. it was so tiring, unlike last two nights where the hut was not this merrier. i even almost dropped 3 empty glasses while serving the customers. ffuuh!! they did not break, thank God!!! hahaha! tapi malu laa~...

i think i can do the bar closing myself. it is just that i need someone stronger to lift up the 20 litres boxes of fizzy drinks. even though i can consider myself as a strong girl at the bar, i know i can't handle the boxes.

after closing the bar, i helped Hafiz to wipe the cutlery...
this is Hafiz, wiping the cutlery. a candid snap for him.
the bar. i washed all those glasses and slot them on the rack! kecut dah jari jemari ini.
my territory for almost a week.
view from the bar. at night the hut becomes a showroom for the motorcycles. i think the one who is on the table is Rusdi, and the one who is standing outside is Riezal. i did not get to have their close up photo because they were so busy moving the bikes into the hut.
by the way, Rusdi was accepted to further his study at Politeknik in electrical engineering!
i am so happy for him. he is a good boy and i am sure a good son too :D
the plates settings ready for tomorrow morning.
and by the way, starting tomorrow, i don't have to put on my white uniform anymore. there was one extra brown uniform since kak Cam resigned from the hut. so i got her uniform. plus, it fits me very well. i am so sorry about her leaving the hut. but that is her choice.
p.s: asalkan takda orang cari pasal ngan aku, takpe. kau buat kerja kau, aku buat kerja aku...
i need to rest~nitenite!! tomorrow is another day at 6 p.m.
i love my job!! (self motivation)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tribute to Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee

adehdeh! malasnye nak pergi kerja hari ni. hari ni masuk pukul 6 lagi, closing. orang kata, biasalah, baru lepas off day kan. tapi aku everytime nak pergi kerja pun malas je. isk! mungkin sebab hari hujan kot yang jadi malas tahap gaban gini. uniform tak iron lagi. huhu~
pagi tadi, bangun dari tidur, terus je tengok tv (buruk perangai), cerita Anakku Sazali, tayangan Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee. best pulak tengok citer lama-lama gini. kalau tak silap, hari-hari ada kot di Astro Prima. dalam cerita ni, bestnya dia dapat beli biola dengan harga 7 ringgit sahaja. kalau sekarang, rm7 dapat apa? makan lepas, oh, nak pusing Kuala Lumpur pun lepas je dangan menaiki Rapid KL. heheh. tapi gila murah la barang-barang zaman dulu kan. dalam cerita tu, aku suka lagu 'Istana Cinta' dan 'Bahasa Cinta'. Joget si Pinang Muda pun best juga.
Tiada kata secantik bahasa
Untuk ku puji adinda
Tiada gambar secantik lukisan
Nak kutunjuk perasaan
O dinda puspa gemala
Mengharum jiwa
Hemm... Hemm
Dinda puspa gemala
Mestika kanda
Namun musim berubah
Suasana bertukar
Tapi ikatan mesra
Sikit pun takkan longgar
Tiada kata secantik bahasa
Untuk kupuji adinda
Dengan cinta kubina istana

Kau sentuh runtuk jadi pusara

Cahaya hidupku jadi gerhana

Bisa jiwa menanggung derita

Kusemai benih kasih sejati

Kupupuk dengan baja nan asli

Ngapa kau siram racun yang pedih

Ku tahui kini hanya rasa nan pedih

Ku mimpikan istana janjimu

Ku hias cantik dalam angan-angan

Sebab bencana datang mengganggu

Kini hancur musnah istana impian

lagu-lagu beliau tak semestinya memerlukan lirik yang panjang-panjang. tapi maksudnya sangatlah indah dan mendalam lagi bermakna kalau difahami yang tersiratnya kan.

tapi sayang kan? takda orang yang boleh menari, menyanyi, mengarah, berlakon, melawak, mengarang, bermain muzik seperti beliau. Allah lebih sayangkannya. mari lah sama-sama sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee. moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...


mr. boyfriend demam, dia
pulak ada exam 3 & 4 December ini.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


semua orang tengah busy preparing for weddings. the same goes to my mom even though none of her children is getting married. sabtu ni, wedding anak angkat jiran kami in which my mom is actively involved sebab pengantin baru tersebut merupakan saudara baru. dia dulu orang asli, and has converted to Islam about 2- 3 years ago. since my mom was one of the otai of Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) when she was still working dulu, of course the responsibility is also on her. our neighbour, the husband was my mother's boss dulu. so that is how all this happens.
meanwhile, on 6th December, my 1st cousin is getting married. being the sister of the mother, my mom and of course the whole family are in it. kami adik beradik pulak yang sibuk-sibuk tanya belah lelaki nak pakai baju colour ape. keh keh. actually, pengantin tak kisah pun. kami yang kisah lebih. so we decided to wear purple on the day at the groom's side. so kami sibuk-sibuk la cari baju colour purple. i've gotten my baju ready!
despite all the preparation, my mom suddenly talks about kenduri. i was th only one who was in the kitchen at that time, so it happens like she was reminding it to me and it is my responsibility to preach it to all my sisters. haha!! my mom said, nanti tak payah la nak buat kenduri besar-besaran sangat. ikut la kemampuan. jangan pulak niat yang baik (berkahwin), bertukar jadi niat nak menunjuk-nunjuk pulak. haiseh!!! it is some kind of an idea of a wedding that she hopes we are not planning of one day. i understand what she means by that. maksudnya, ukur baju di badan sendiri. like us, we are not from a very well-to-do background, we are not the upper class group, and we are also not the well known family like all the Dato's and Pengarah, artists, or what so ever. i see...
i am sure every one wants a wedding that can be remembered for a lifetime. it is once in a life time (sepatutnya la kan). the brides want to look as beautiful as a princess or a model (to me). and the grooms also want to look at their very best, be it shah rukh khan or brad pitt or none of those. as for me, i wish for a simple, organized and merry wedding. the expenses for it, depends on how i earn lah at that time nanti. hehehe. but i hope that i won't over do it. ngeeeee~ the most important is, everyone improtant to me must be at my wedding. my family, best friends, and friends. but there is one thing that all of us (my sisters and i) want on our wedding that need to go through a serious negotiation with my mom first.
it is a professional photographer.
yes, we have an uncle who can really snap snap nicely but for sure he'll be busy on that day (nowhere in the calendar yet). Ms. Yeoh

1.) Do you think you’re hot?
- mr. boyfriend said so. and i am vain.

2.) Upload your favourite picture of you!

3.) Why do you like that picture?
-because it shows just one eye. and pimples

4.) When was the last time you ate pizza?
last night at work. someone did not collect his take away order. haha!

5.) The last song you listen to?
- the fray - look after you

6.) What are you doing right now beside this?
- nothing. sleepy

7.) What name would you prefer beside yours?
no other name, but my names

5 peoples to tag:
- i dun want to tag...oh oh, before he tags me, y don't i tag him first.

Amir Syafiq, you're tagged

8.) Who is number one?
- Amir Syafiq - a funny guy whom i read his blog

9.) Number three is having a relationship with?
- the same guy - idk

10.) Say something about number five?
- he is funny

11.) How about number four?
- spontaneous

12.) Who is number two?
- another blogger

sorry Amir Syafiq. saya tag anda dulu. ngeh ngeh

nitenite people!! off to bed... :)

tiring night

i got home at 12.30a.m last night.

the hut was not that busy.

the bar was not that tiring.

but the closing was so complicated. we had to do this and that. we had to empty all the containers, the ice tank, move all the things on the bar, wipe it and let it dry etc. etc.

i had to scrub the floor at the bar and dried the water since that was my territory.

but thank god that i had Riezal to help me. he was such a kind and helpful gentleman. :)
we did the bar together :)

he has been so helpful and so sweet!!

i wouldn't know what would happen to me if he was not there.

thanks to Rusdi and Hafiz too. :)

love you guys!!!

and the drama...i think now i got the theory. it's all about combination.
peanut butter just can't mix with mayonnaise. even though both are yummy alone, they are just not good and that yummy together.

last night, there was no entertainment at the hut, and i found my heart and mind are at peace (other than my ignorance).

and i heard that kak Camellia did not come to work yesterday. rumors says that she had a quarrel with that 'model' last two nights. i am yet to dig in. and, i think one of the reason that i was not annoyed last night was because the 'model' worked in the kitchen last night. no wonder it was such a tranquil out there...

and guess what?? it is my day off again!! last sunday is the day off for last week. and for this week, it is tuesday.

p.s: i am sleepy and tired. but i am hungry too. and i need something hot. thus, i cooked myself rice porridge, yummy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


i received an sms from kak Camellia just now.

she's planning to resign from that hut.
she feels insulted by the stupidos.
(i know it because i heard it how they talked behind her back and on her face, sarcastically)
that's rude.

you know why?? because kak Camellia has a diploma in Hotel Management, from UiTM.
thus, all these serving thingy is part of her life. she knows how to serve customer at the very best, unlike those stupidos. maybe they just can't accept the fact that she is better than they are, in all aspects. damn morrons!!

i guess it tells everything about them.

and i...

Amazing Race Asia

i've been so busy and tired that i almost forgot about another life that i have.

i just want to congratulate my favorite teams in Amazing Race Asia for being one of the challenging teams in the race.

Ida and Tania, you guys are amazing! it is amazing of you guys to race amazingly in this amazing Amazing Race!

my sister, brother and I were on the pins and needles watching the finale that night!
daymn Tisha and Geoff. thank god Vince and Sam who was so out of no where got to be the winner. it was so unexpected since they was the last team to begin!

to Bernie and Henry, you guys are cute brother and sister! especially Bernie, i am your life time fan! ooh~

games and work

hahaha! all the games on facebook are fun and err..intimidating! hahaha!
for the brain thingy game, they said i have a brain of missing link! and the cartoon is an ape! well, yeah. i admit that i do not have a very good and healthy and active brain. lol!

i love the Geo game since i love flags! and of course my world geography is not that good. i used to be the best student for Geography in school. but it was back then. years ago. i love atlas. but it has been aeons since my last stare at an atlas. haha!

today, i feel so relaxed. i did the translating thingy, and now having my break. one day off from work gives me a chance to reflect on how i have improved at the hut :)

i think i can handle the ice creams. be it yummy, single, double or triple. i made 1 yummy, 2 doubles and 6 triple pleasure yesterday! making them is fun! and such a satisfaction looking at the beautiful ice cream you've made!

mocha and cappuccino frappe are also well done. and also mango tango. i remembered a take away order of mango tango yesterday that i made.

and i am now able to use my both hands delivering drinks to the customers. one hand for a tray of 5-6 glasses and another hand for the pitcher. the same goes for the soups. i can balance everything on one hand. mr. boyfriend said that's good to put off my clumsiness. well, yes, i do think so. i hope the moment of soup or pizza or drinks or anything spill on the customers won't come. :)

i'm starting to like my job (but of course not when the negative auras around).
it's tiring, but that is work. it's not a problem with me even though i get home and whining about how tired i am. but that is the nature of working, regardless of types of work we are doing. we have to live with it.

maybe i'll go on with part time when i am back in shah alam later. but of course with the convinience of my classes timetable. i hope it won't clash and will cooperate with me very well. but i learn that pizza hut has a flexible timetable for the part timers. so we'll see la how :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

one day off!

i'm glad that i'm having a day off tomorrow.

i don't have to look at those negative auras faces at work.

i don't have to pretend.


i have new sets of assignment papers to be translated. they just gave me the paper this evening.

but nevermind, express income! :)

kaching!! ching! ;)

p.s: mulut jahat lately :P

the news spreads...

halluu.. i just got back from work. i finished at 4 p.m today since i did not have my break.

today, suddenly i became the most wanted staff at the hut. everybody asked me about my brother. wait. am i the most wanted or my brother is? okay, by the way, i had to answer the same questions i think more than 5 times from different people. 1 manager, 1 *All Star kak Nora and other staffs who heard the rumors about the drama yesterday. okay, let me tell you roughly about the situation my brother had yesterday. it may sounds usual to some people but my brother, i don't know. maybe he just couldn't take it. guys...when it involves body contact and rude words, you know what will happen to their dignity and masculinity.

1. we are new, we follow exactly what the senior taught us. my brother makes the pizza according to the standard measurement of everything. 36 paperonies on large pizza, this and that. so, it makes our work rather slower than those who do not follow the procedures, which makes it fast. the 'rascal' scold my brother because he was quite slow making the pizza, following the procedures and he pushed my brother aside harshly and made the pizza himself. my brother kept it cool and stay aback.
2. we are new, we take time to understand the dockets so it takes time to do the ordered foods. my brother was supposed to make 2 hawaian surpremes according to the docket. but, because he is new, he misread the docket and just made one hawaian surpreme. when kak Ha (the Oscar) asked him about the other pizza, my brother did say sorry for misreading the docket and the stupid rascal who was not at all involving with the pizza, bashed him, " bengong! tok napok ko? paka la spek!" translation : "bodoh! tak nampak ke? pakai la spek kalau tak nampak!" /" stupid! can't you see it? put on glasses then!" who the hell are you to scold him? kak Ha did not say anything about it and understands that my brother is new. i am not defending my brother because he is my brother. i am talking about the work ethics and the teamwork spirit the hut is always talking about (by the managers). manner? sorry, they just do not know what that is.

my brother was stressed. he had been making the pizza since 3 p.m. it was almost 6 p.m. for our information, the evening staffs are not as kind as the morning staffs. they are not that helpful.

i don't know how others will react, but my brother just can't stand rude people. and what makes it worse on my side was the things that happened after my brother did not come in after the break.

i was setting the plates and cutlery and i heard the stupid manager sacastically talk to all the staffs at the cutting (the food passing part), "mu nok bgheti ko? jange la bgeheti deh.." translation : " awak nak berenti ke?? jangan la berenti ek"/" do you wanna quit? please dont..."

wutta hell? before that, she called me asking about my brother and told me to tell her everything (actually she had asked my brother about that at the washing part before my brother left). she told me it is between the two of us. only. even the other manager who asked her about what we were talking about at the cashier was not allowed to know, according to her. she pretended to be professional whilst she is not at all. not a bit of professionalism we can label her! how stupid it was? her voice alone can be heard by the people at the kitchen. i bet people who was locked in a frozen room can also hear her.

regarding the same case, that stupid annoying model, asked me before i went out from the hut, "esok mari dok?" then i said, "mari."..and then, i don't know what the hell is wrong with her, she muttered the unnecessary dialogue which i think just a waste of her energy and sallyva, and just to make me hate her even more. she said, "mari la deh, jange pulok dah punch tok mari pulok" translation to all: "datang tak esok?"/"are you coming tomorrow?", " datang."/"yes.". " datang la ek, jangan pulak dah punch out tak datang dah."/" good. you better come, don't go and never come back.". hallow..what are you thinking of at the moment you muttered theose stupidest words? i am the sister of the person you are referring to! hallow!!

they make fun of almost everything. customers, staffs and even work ethics. they just don't know what ethics is, i presume. today, there was one manager, whom i'm sure already knew about this, said that my brother is too sensitive. hallo people. we have pride, we have dignity. we have rights. what is that supposed to be called when people who barely know us, scold us in front of a big crowd with harsh words? plus, the person is not at all related to anything at all? you name it. we are really really new, we need guidance, we need people to show us how since every single thing has it's very own procedures. we need time to absorb. we are scared. and you? ypu are nobody. you are not the manager, you are not the Oscar. you are just the rider. just with more experience than we are. you name it. am i exagerrating? maybe i am, maybe i am not. because the hut is not a fun place to work when the people are rude and disrespectful. ask the seniors who are already immuned with all these dungs they dropped. they can do nothing about it. and that's the only place they earn money.

and for me, i have this annoying takda insurans punya mulut model. she loves to bug with her annoying attitude in everything that is happening in the hut! like this evening, i was looking at the timetable for next week at the punch card machine. she was already on duty, doing what, i don't know. i was asking for help from the staff who was also lookign at the timetable. suddenly she came abruptly telling me with her annoying loud voice, "eh, namo awok takdok lagi dale nih. bakpo tengok jadual nyo?" translation: "eh, nama awak takda lagi dalam jadual. buat pe tengok?"/" your name is yet on the timetable, u don't have to check it.". buzz off!! i referred to the timetable as the manager told me to do so when i asked him about my next shiff. who the hell are you bugging me like this? oh gosh. she is just so annoying! critical. i know loads of story about her from other senior staffs who has always been complaining about her working style. you think i don't know you? pardon me. i know. and even if i don't, i would have known it by looking at how you behave la.

it's my off day tomorrow. on monday, i'll strart at 6 p.m. i just can't imagine how the hut will be like without the cooperative staffs we have like in the morning. 6p.m is the time when the hut is getting busier and merrier and more chaotic by the presence of the !@#$%^ staffs. i am not saying that i am good. i just can't do it by myself without others' cooperation. poor me on monday without kak Camellia, kak Sara and kak Gee. but so far, i think the guys are helpful. i've worked with them once (the guy who laughed at my ice-cream [nazri], Rusdi and amir, and i don't know who. i hope they are taking the night shift).

and oh, i forgot. about my brother, kak Ha is kind of concerns about he's leaving the hut. because she said that no other trainees could learn as fast as he does. within two days, he can make pizzas nicely without other's help. i am so proud of my brother :) but that's the problem with all the stipid people there. they keep all the lazy ones and never appreciate the reliable ones. i even heard kak Nora said, "macam mana nak bukak kat Kubang Kerian (the new branch that we're going to handle). semua yang ada tak lekat. trainee semua nak pergi" how are they going to stand rude people like the hut has? not professional, not cooperative and rude. we are trainees, part timers. just gaining some useful experience at the hut. not all of us are intending to work there forever. it's your loss if you don't know how to take care of your trainees. serve you right!

*All Star Team Member - a person who has completed the performance appraisal team member, completed the expert cross training track with 80% and above, completed performance skills evaluation with 100% passed. (they wear brown uniform and a neck tie).

this story might be insufficent to proof everything. you see it, then you'll know it. and feel it. and laugh at it. :)


oh gosh! i was so tired last night that i didn't get the chance to write! i finished at 8 p.m but after that i went to the mall with my brother.

and guess what?? my brother resigned from the hut yesterday!! he stumped off for break and never came back! hahaha!

yes, there was a drama in the kitchen and hell, it continued until the closing! shyte!

i had difficult time knowing that my brother was bashed rudely by one of the rascals at the hut! i was doing the service [and i don't think it is that hard pun, now i can take orders and punch in the orders. heheh :)]. i didn't know anything until i had my break. i called my brother because he was not anywhere near the hut. oh, he went somewhere further for break (we drove to work yesterday) to cool himself down. he said he does not want to work anymore because the staffs there are rude, and not professional. and yes, the managers practice favoritism. i think just one of them who is very strict and serious when working (the muka ketat one). the others are like shits! especially the female!

yes, i just can't tolerate with their rudeness, shallow mindedness, and i shall say, stupidity!

but thank God for my ignorance and errm..two-faces that i can act normal, like nothing happens and i don't know anything :)

i smile to miss Yana (stupid manager).
i smile to the model (also the mulut takda insurans)
i smile to the partner (who thinks she is so previlleged because she gets along with the stupid managers so well).
i act normal in front of the rascal who was rude to my brother.

go to hell with the huts people who do not know how to work professionally and respect people. oh gosh, i hate to say this. they event speak rudely about some customers, behind their back! what the hell is that?! please lord, show them the way on how to respect people! they think by being the manager or by being the seniors at the hut, they are the most superior among all. hallo!!we are trainees that obviously we don't know much about everything unless you show us the way and yes, good examples. and secondly, i won't die and run out of money or work or life if i don't work there pun. thirdly, if you think you can own the hut or the franchise if you work there for life and feel so superior by that that makes you don't have to respect people, shame on you guys!

this is not yet the details. it is such an undescribable moment of anger and stupidity inside the four walls that i wish there was a camera and people can see it and clap their hands. for what? for the stupidity and childishness of the morrons!

i'm going earlier today to see kak Camellia for the updates after i left at 8 last night. today, we both start at 12 so we're meeting up at 11 somewhere not so near to the hut, together with my brother who has been holding back to give that rascal a punch in the kitchen yesterday. hahaha!

*despite all these, my work life become more intertesting since there is a serial drama happening. lol ;p

pardon my harsh words that are deserving for them. it is just a way to channel my anger. stupidos!

Friday, November 21, 2008


aaarrgghh!! another day at the hut!

i can't tell at what time i'm finishing since the hut usually goes merrier during weekends.

i'll start at 3p.m, and maybe up to 8p.m, minus one hour break that makes it 4 hours. but with the situation at the hut today which i am yet to experience, maybe it will be dragged up to 5 to 6 hours? i have no idea!

and i am learning the menu via online! hahaha! yes, the internet is awesome! it simplifies our works ;p. hopefully i'll have all the confidence to kick my ass off taking the orders today (deep inside, i'm still hoping to get the bar again!).

oh, i forgot! yesterday, i left the bar unsettled! there were a few unwashed glasses in the sink and i just left. hahaha! *guilty*

the bar is fun!

i was wrong. i'd rather being at the bar, standing and washing for hours than doing anything else. urmm..well, i think lah. because today, technically yesterday (it is already 12.53 a.m), i was supposed to do the service (taking orders). the moment i was showed and taught about the procedures of taking an order, i realized that running the bar is easier and fun and more classy. hahaha! :P and the most important thing is, we do not have to be pretentious.

to take order, there are at least 4-5 steps that need to be followed.
1. greeting
2. introduce our name
3. guide the customers with the menu especially the promotion
4. take order
5. repeat order

more or less like it.

but, before that, we need to master all the products, the add ons, the best combination to suggest, and of course the dos and don'ts for each order. hurmm... it takes quite sometimes for me to pick up everything. and of course, it plays with your psychology. we need to SMILE. when i am tired, i tend not to smile, subconsciously. but when i am at the bar, it is not a fake smile that i have to crack on my face. kan?? but, eventually, i did the bar and oh so grateful for it :)

and yeay, i got my apron today!!!! but it is not the Flavors of the World's apron. just the abstract apron. but it is nice! and my name tag, this is kinda funny. i have yet being given one, and the manager wanted me to take order (at first). thus, he took a name tag of one of the kitchen's crew, to be exact, the pizza maker (otai one) and gave it to me so that i could go take orders. and the name tag is written 'Nora'. okaaaaayy.. may name was Nora for about 5 hours! actually kak Nora is the most experienced worker there. she has been working with pizza hut for about 15 years. and now, she can prepare 10 different pizzas at one time, effortlessly i presume. how amazing!

tomorrow, i'll punch in at 3 p.m. Friday, the busiest day at this hut. and i have a very strong instinct saying that i am going to do the service, by the name of Nora. we'll see. i shall try. and must be able to do almost everything because i learnt that all the trainees will be posted to our latest branch, near my house. we will be in charge of everything there, with the guidance of a very few seniors, maybe. my brother now can make the pizzas with kak Nora as his Sifu. i now can control the bar. it's good to learn new things and to explore our abilities that we have never thought of! :)

oh oh, i have new gossips! but maybe i should just discard it the moment i get it. negative aura? nu-uh!

i know, people fond of gossips. we all do. so do i :P but for the moment, i am just too tired. maybe next time! hehehehe :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

immuned complains

it's day 4. i don't want to work at the bar anymore. :(
it's tiring! and bollocks for me!

my duties including:
1. prepare drinks, ice blended, smoothies and ice creams.
2. wash all the glasses and pitchers and everything at the bar.
3. take the steel tray that is fulled with 40 heavy glasses into the dryer. and of course lift it up onto the rack when it is done.
4. pack the left overs the customers want to take home.

i'm suffering from muscle pain on my left arms!

number 3 is the most challenging after number 1. yesterday, i almost crammed my waist while lifting the ready full tray from the dryer! thank God i could managed it.

but what else i can do there? i have no name tag so i can't serve customer. buzzing? i don't think they're going to assign me the same easy work.

kitchen, maybe? peel off the onions? one sack of onions? and cut the vegetables?
i am more than willing to do that!

i don't think i want to put on make up today (usually i just apply my press powder, blusher, eyeliner and lipstick, that's all). but maybe i'll just go with baby powder, and blusher and lipstick today. that's enough. plus, i think i need to get a waterproof eyeliner. mine is not, but i like it.

*my Mom said, "that's work. that's how we earn money. sakit sikit takpe lah."

i suppose i should not be whining about anything starting form today. when we work, we'll get tired. that's the nature of it. so, shut up!

but between teaching and this thing, i would say teaching is better than doing all these works that i am doing now and for the next 15-25 days?. even though we have to climb up stairs from block to block, we take the lead. we can have in our ways. the later, there are so many procedures and rules. and of course, we are the followers. it's not that i can't be a follower, but this is too much. being a teacher is also being a follower of the Ministry of Education. but we can do it our own ways kan. that's what i mean.

and by the way, my parents are not at home until 23rd. they went to Johor Bharu to attend my big brother's convocation. i'll get bored without my mom. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

negative aura at work...(gossips!)

today is quite challenging for me. again, i was at the bar. okay. but i think it was a bad day for me because i went messy and had a non-cooperative partner. she's a senior, 1 year younger than i am, experieced, but lazy.

1. kak Camellia
2. Amir.
3. partner.
4. kak Gee.
5. model.
6. Rusdi.
7. staff lelaki sorang.
8. manager 3 orang.
9. adik aku
10. aku la..

okay, the story is like this. tadi time break, mula-mula aku ngan adik aku je. pastu datang lah Amir. Amir ni memang dah lama kerja kat situ (since 2006). he is 22. kami sembang-sembang la. pastu datang la kak Camellia. i love her! i feel like giving her a big warm hug! she has been so helpful since the first day. suka sangat! okay okay.. dia perasan yang aku agak kelam kabut sikit ari ni. i was about to cry! tapi rileksla kan. hehehe. banyak air yang rugi je. tapi bukan salah aku kot. satu pitcher, yang pasti, aku tau salah tuan manager yang mulut ketat tu (lelaki). yang banyak-banyak lagi gelas, aku taktau sape buat because aku naik atas kejap prepare tempat untuk pest control. so aku turun je semua tu dah lintang pukang. tapi aku jugak yang kene setel kan. sial! (geram neh).

satu lagi hal yang aku geram ialah, aku dah punch out untuk break, itu pun aku punch lewat sikit dari manager cakap boleh break. tiba-tiba, datang lagi satu docket, tulis Havana 2, pepsi 2. so aku buat la. dah la time aku nak kuar break tu, aku tengok takde pun orang ganti aku kat bar tuh! sebabnye, partner aku tu, takda. dia kuar pegi bank ngn manager sorang lagi yang pun entah ape-ape jugak! (haa..baru aku teringat ni..hehehe). so, atas rasa tanggungjawab dan kededikasian aku, aku pun pegi la buat air tu, tanpa memikirkan yang aku dah pun punch untuk break. tapi, pulak tiba-tiba, docket yang diberi tu salah rupanya!! sial lagi! dah nampak macam aku yang salah buat. ke memang aku yang tak reti nak baca docket tu sampai boleh rugi 2 Havana(s)? ini duk "ek ah ek ah" pulak ngan aku. dah lah aku ni penat, lupa nak breakfast pagi tadi. itu yang jadi "weng" sikit. so, kak Camellia nampak aku macam dah stress, dia pun kata, "takpe, elly pegi rehat dulu." lepas tu kak Camellia yang settle everything yang tertingaal lah. time dia sampai kat aku time dia break tu, dia kata la dia dah clear kan sinki semua, and tinggalkan bar tu kat partner aku ni ha. ok. so selesai lah.

time ini la the best part datang! rupanya, partner aku tu suka mengulor. dia tu suka buat kerja yang tak patut dibuat. kerja dia, suka-suka je suruh orang lain buat. macam lah dia tu manager kan. oh, baru aku teringat, tadi time aku tengah lap trays, kak Gee datang la sembang ngn partner aku ni. dia tanya, jaga apa? partner ni pun jawab lah "bar". kak Gee tanya la, "ni, elly?". dia pun jawab, "assistant"......okay, honestly, aku tak kisah pun dia nak cakap aku ni assistant ke, kuli ke ape ke. tapi kak Gee macam tak suka la kot dia cakap macam tu.hehehehe.
tapi, lepas aku tau cerita sebenar, baru la aku jadik naik marah bila dia kata aku ni assistant dia. patutla, dah memang kau ni pemalas. (geram lagih).

lagi satu kes ialah seorang lagi yang digelar 'model' dek staffs yang boleh dikira sebagai victims la kot kat situ. yang si Amir ni pun sama naik je gossip ngan aku, kak Camellia and adik aku. oh, lupa. adik aku ari ni menjatuhkan 2 pans large size pizza's dough. dia kerja kitchen ari ni, buat pizza. tapi dia p terlangkupkan pizza pulak! patut la time break tadi kelat je muka dia. aku pulak yang rase nak nangis untuk dia!

okay, mari kita dengar cerita model ni pulak. time bercerita ni, aku rase aku tak pernah nampak dia, so aku dengar je la. bila kak Camellia kata tinggi, aku pikir, tinggi dari aku ke? aku ni bukan ke perempuan yang paling tinggi kat pizza tu? kak Cemellia kata lagi, dia ni suka je nak jalan-jalan sana sini, sengeh-sengeh la, borak sana, borak sini, tapi buat kerja separuh hati. oh, ada jugak gini ek. aku bajet cantik lah kot model ni kan. so aku lepak je la.

lepas abis break 1 jam, aku ngan adik aku pun masuk la sambung kerja. haiks! aku tengok bar takda orang? kata partner aku yang jaga tadi? hurrmm.. so aku lepak je la, washing semua, masuk bar. ape? sekali tengok partner aku tu dah pakai sweater dia dah nak pergi break. aku rase tadi kau dah keluar pergi bank ngan manager kau tu? oh, jadi itu tadi bukan break la ek? itu namanye tuang kerja. keluar time kerja atas urusan peribadi. tapi aku rase ini bukan urusan dia pun. so aku pun bersungguh-sungguh la buat kerja aku. tapi aku agak bangga la ngan diri aku ari ni sebab aku dah berjaya buat capuccino frappe, tanpa bantuan sape-sape pun, dengan yakin sekali. aku buat doble delight 2, and yummy 2 jugak. tapi itu pun terhegeh-hegeh gak sebab ice cream ada sikit, keras pulak. lambat ler. yang sorang staff lelaki ni, aku taktau nama dia ape, banyak gak tolong aku time kalut-kalut tadi. sambil aku duk korek ice cream tu, sambil mulut aku membebel, tanya sape lah yang bagi anak makan ice cream hujan-hujan gini? menyusahkan aku jugak yang tak reti nih. isk. bila siap ice cream tu, aku suruh la staff laki yang aku taktau nama ni hantarkan. dia tengok je ice cream tu, ragu-ragu. dia taknak anta. dia suruh Rusdi hantar. Rusdi ni baik gak! aku suka gak! tapi aku tanye la laki ni, naper tadi?? dia pun jawab dalam dialect kelantan, "tahhu! nok sukko!" translation: "hehehe, kelakar. nak tergelak aku". hampeh, dia gelakkan hasil kerja aku pulak. tau la aku tak reti kan. isk! tapi takpe lah, aku terima kritikan itu. eh, tak abis lagi cerita si model nih.

ok. yang si model ni pulak, aku tak kenal dia, nama dia. tapi aku dapat agak based on tingkah laku dia. aku nampak sorang staff perempuan ni, duk mundar mandir p sana, p sini. dia bukan tak buat kerja, buat. tapi dia buat tak ikhlas la kot. aku dapat tau, adik aku cakap, dia campak-campak je cutlery time buzzing. (adik aku buat washing jap lepas break). aku pulak, lepas kelam kabut buat air dah settle semua, aku kemas-kemas bar, and sambung lap cutlery lagi. Rusdi tolong aku lap pinggan. bar ni menjadi tempat favourite orang ramai sebab kat bar ni staff boleh amik air sendiri dan minum, and ada cermin. hah! tu dia!! si model ni duk terkinja-kinja pulak kat bar, berdiri antara aku and Rusdi. aku ingatkan dia nak tolong kami lap (ada je kain pengelap extra kat situ ha). eh takkk, dia berdiri je kat situ. pastu duk gedik-gedik pulak. tengok-tengok cermin, gelak-gelak, gurau nagn sape tah, aku malas nak sakitkan mata aku. tapi bukan Rusdi la. Rusdi ni baik :). aku lam hati, "kau ape hal nak gedik-gedik kat sini?"

tetiba, manager kat cashier panggil dia. (tiga-tiga mangers ada kat situ, buat ape tah). "oh, kau kerja cashier rupenye ari ni." kata aku lam hati. tiem tu ada customer nak buat take away order. ish. kalau akulah kerja kat cashier ke, mana-mana ke, aku tak tinggal tempat aku sesuka hati. gila la model nih! kalau cantik sangat, irresistable, aku tak kisah. eh, aku kisah. kalau muka cantik, tapi malas kerja, aku kisah! yang penting, tak kira la kau cantik ke, buruk macam aku ni ke, kerja, kerja la. time tu kak Camellia baru masuk dari break, tengah buzzing. dia senyum-senyum je kat aku, bagi isyarat mata. aku pun gelak je la slow-slow. tapi terkeluar gak bunyik macam orang sesak nafas tuh. Rusdi pulak, aku tak tau la dia paham ke tak.oh, lupa plak. aku takda name tag lagi, so takleh surve customer. yang si model ni plak tadi, tanya aku, "awak, awak tahu tak runner? anta barang?" aku lam hati, "wei, aku tau la. anta barang? kau ingat anta barang ape? cargo? cakap je la serve. b****!" lam hati je la, heheheh. bila dia tanya aku, straight away terlintas lam kepala aku, "hah! malas lah tu. nak suruh aku la tuh!".

time tu, aku nak abiskan semua kerja aku. manager petang, sir Fahimi kot nama dia. dia kata aku boleh balik kul 6. tinggal lagi 15 minit je kot. so aku buat la semua kerja yang aku patut buat. aku tak suka nak tinggalkan bar sepah-sepah, so aku clear semua glasses, lap counter ape semua. kul 6, jam bunyik lagu ape tah, semua kerja aku dah siapkan!. aku pun laju je blah, takut ada customer datang lagi, aku pulak yang stuck. hehehe.

lesson(s) untuk hari ini:
1. bila manager kata break, break terus. jangan nak baik-baik hati. kalau tak, rugi sendiri.
2. buat kerja yang patut. jangan biarkan model dan partner amik kesempatan.
3. manager pun ada macam-macam pe'el.

*baru rasa lega sikit. ditulis dalam keadaan amarah*
esok masuk pukul 12 lagi.
*yang berkaler merah adalah klimaksnya*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

untuk Amir Syafiq si pengeTAG

i walk the walk, talk the talk this time for mr. amir syafiq.


Ambil gambar terkini anda pada masa ini.
Sila jangan tukar baju.
Jangan betulkan rambut anda.
Sila post gambar tanpa sebarang edit.
Post arahan ini bersama gambar anda.
Tag lagi sepuluh orang.

"wth?!" muka kene tag.

pakai baju tidor.
(camera sangat power sampai nampak semua details di muka)

tag orang lain? sekian, terima kasih.

gambar zaman lama

hahaha! terlupa pulak nak kongsi sesuatu!
semalam, balik dari kerja, penat. so lepak-lepak la kejap main guli ngan kucing-kucingku. tengah-tengah dok nak kutip guli bawah meja, terjumpa la satu album gambar2 lama time kami adik-beradik kecik-kecik dulu. so ape lagi, tengok ngan kakak aku, sambil gelak-gleak cerita balik kisah-kisah lampau zaman tak canggih dulu tu.

ini kakak sulung (kiri anda) ngan kakak no 4 (yang rongak dan mata sepet tu. sampai sekarang mata dia yang paling kecik dalam ramai2). kakak nombor 2 takde. gambar yang diamik tak clear.

yang hujung kanan anda yang lam bulatan tak bape nak nampak tu ialah kakak no. 4. (rasenye, itulah teddy bear yang kami main sampai koyak rabak dulu. dia ada baju.)

yang depan ni, abang aku. yang satu lagi tu, adik. muka dia macam tu sebab baru lepas kene buli ngan abang aku.

ini aku masa sarjah lima ke enam tah. tak ingat pulak.

ini masa aku 8 tahun. kenduri makcik aku tu. sekarang dia dah ada 5 anak.

ini mase 7 tahun kot. p genting takp plan dek ayahku, lalu aku dengan skirt2 lah naik genting!

ini umur 6 tahun. tu aku yang paling tinggi dalam ramai2.heheh. time ni hari sukan tadika kemas. yang nampak rambut macam highlight ni, nama dia mohd zaidi. dia orang penang pekat. rambut dia memang macam ni.

5 tahun kot. time convo makcik aku yang kawen tadi. kat UIA. this was my most favourite dress. ribbon dia tu, boleh tukar ikat jadi tie. pastu, masa kat tadika dulu, time aku nak asah pensel, so aku tunduk la sikit. ada kawan aku nampak seluar kecik kaler merah set baju tu, pastu dia selak. nama dia mohd azwadi.

ni gambar passport time nak p singapore kot dulu. tapi tak jadi pergi. ingat lagi, time ni baru bangun tido, ayah kejut p kedai gambar. itu pun baju feveret gak :)

ini umur bape tah. kat umah nenek. gambar diambil oleh pakcik aku yang memang suka photography.

ini umur 4 kot. aku yang pakai seluar pink tu ler. yang lain tu smua cousin aku. in ikat rumah nenek kami :)

ini umur 3 kot. depan balai kat rumah lama dulu. ngan abang yang dulunya bercita-cita mau jadi seorang askar~..

yang lepas ni paling takleh blah. aku suruh mr. boyfriend teka ini sape? dia kata ini kakak aku no. 4.

tak, inilah aku masa kecik dulu. ini baru pandai jalan kot.

tengok, walaupun aku bukan budak paling cute dalam dunia, tapi mr. boyfriend kata aku cute masa kecik dulu. kus semangat pulak tu! lepas tu dia gelak besar-besaran.

tapi aku tau aku tak cute pun. sebab kakak aku kata aku paling itam masa kecik dulu. la la la~

indeed... :)

today everything is better than yesterday.

i wasn't scare anymore,
all the seniors were so helpful and nice :)
the lioness is actually not really a lioness. she's nice and funny
(i found the way she scolds people is funny)

and i...

i was a bartender! :D
the bar is my territory.

it was fun! more fun than being the fly. how i wish the uniform could transform into something more interesting and cute and beautiful and sexy! hahahaha..
(tapi yang tek best nye sakit pinggang yang amat sangat dan sakit kaki)

my responsibility is to prepare all the drinks (fizzy drinks, hot tea, hot coffee, orange juice, *Havana, cappuccino frappe, mocha frappe, mango tango, fruit yogurt smoothies, ice blended, and the ice creams - yummy, double and triple). and of course, to wash all the glasses and mugs that has been used. and to lift the full tray into the dryer and to make sure the bar is presentable. and at the end of my shift, i needed to wipe i think hundreds of cutlery!
( at 4, all the washing will run, i think.)

however, i can say it's fun, but quite tricky especially when the dining is full or half-full. i'll go kelam kabut with all the orders. for the fizzy drinks, it's ok. for hot tea and coffee, still ok. Havana pun still ok. ice cream? i just made two yummies today. thank god.but when it comes to the cino(s) and ice blended, that's when i looked around hoping for help from my colleague, Azie. we are of the same age but she's more experience. and she was assigned to train me at the bar. thus, i was lucky when everytime the customers need those complicated drinks, she was there to help me. or to do it for me. heheheh.

i found it difficult because we need to use certain scoops of different size and scales. so for an amateur like me, it will be a waste of time to intai-intai the bottom of the scoops for the scales. hehehe..

my brother, after buzzing for half a day, he was assigned to do the washing in the kitchen. he said it was fun! yes, i think it is. the water is warm and of course, we do not have to be extra cautious when we are behind another wall.

overall, alhamdulillah, everything went well :)

hoping for the same or better tomorrow :)

p.s: i feel like Flo on the go from Diner Dash! :D

*Havana is a promotion drinks. it is in the Flavor of the World menu.

and oh, we just worked for 5 hours today :)

new lesson(s):
1. everything has its expiry. e.g: ice lemon tea will be kept only for 15 hours, orange juice (from the bottle must be cooled for 12 hours before serving).
2. C.I -customer in, C.O-customer out, runner - take the dish to the customer.


another new day

harap akan menjadi lebih baik...
dan aku..menjadi kurang takut...

mesti hari ni kene kerja lama... :

6 jam? 8 jam? crammed lah kaki dan tangan aku...

Monday, November 17, 2008

my lessons for today


1. the crews must wash their hands at every 1 hour. (applying the correct procedures of washing)
2. the topping that is still raw is called "towing".
3. "buzzing" is a term that is used when a crew comes to the customer's table and asks for permission to take their empty plates or left overs. also used for cleaning the tables and the table settings. (it makes sense cuz we buzz towards the dirty plates and foods- like flies do). that is what i've been doing today.
4. the female manager is the lioness in the pizza (according ot everybody). i was so scared of her. (frankly, i was scared the whole day at work).
5. the dough for each size of pizza is according to certain weight.
6. i need to memorize all the products of the franchise. and must know the best combination to offer.

and lots more that i couldn't compute. too much info in a short time. today i worked for only 4 hours (for the first day trainee).
hurrmm.. so far so good. am yet to experience everything. but overall, it is boleh la.. :) i made friends with almost everyone today.
tomorrow is another new day for me, starting at 12pm until don't now yet. i have a guide book to be read.

p.s: i dun really like the uniform
1. it's boring
2. it makes me look fat.
3. i look like a pilot ( i like! :D)

morning rain

it's raining...
and i have not even started my first day at work yet.
(ujan-ujan gini rase lembab sket nak gerak-gerak)

part of that, I'm excited to put on a new set of clothes from top to toe!
i know it's just a uniform, but who cares? it's new okay.

(words from a shopping L)

GOOD LUCK for me!!! oooowyeah!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i am nervous to start working tomorrow. the biggest butterfly or i should say moth is in my tummy. i don't know what to expect. with my this one trait, pizza stuffed crust could be a pizza stuffed "crash".

hope everything will go smoothly tomorrow. and i can make friends with my so called new colleagues.

and to have good customers. and oh, everything must be good.
I must be good on my first day!

can't wait to be in that boring uniform. hehs.

aduih. i was tagged rupanya!

by ije, my former schoolmate :)


1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning

2. each player answers the questions about themselves

3. at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to
their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to
play and read your blog.
Wan Suhailaliza binti Wan Mohd Hussin

4 sisters


4.shoe size
8-9 (kaki model) :P

5' 6" kot.. 167 cm lebeh kurang

6.where do you live
my home in kota bharu

7.have you ever been on a plane

8.swam in the ocean
not really a swim. head dippin' je

9.fallen asleep in school
one or two times

10.broken someone's heart
maybe yea. hehe

11.fell off your chair
yeap. once that i remember. while i was laughing so hard

12.sat by the phone and waited all night for someone to call
haven't done that. sleep facing the phone penah la

13.saved emails
hurrmm..just a few

14.what is your room like
complete as an ordinary room. two beds, a wardrobe, fan, light, a mirror

15.what's right beside you

16.what was the last thing you ate

17.ever had chicken pox
yeap when i was in form 5. skipped school for two weeks picnics
yes! yes! used to have picnic with family every fortnight. now not anymore :(

19.who was/were the last person you dance with
takdak. but my pet, meow danced with adeb's bluey.

20.last thing made you smile
being tagged! last yelled at
none did you talk to someone you like
of course lah

23.kissed anyone

24.get sick
hurrmm..i am not feeling very well

25.not a serious onetalk to an ex?
nope. i haven't seen him or came across him in ym even!

26.missed someone

27.who do you really hate
none you like your handwriting
not really. buruk gila

29.are your toenails painted

30.whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in
my sister's

31.what colour shirt are you wearing right now
itam. it is SUPERMAN from my superbman :)

32.are you a friendly person
maybe :) you have any pets
yes. cats you sleep with the tv on
nope. jimat tenaga

34.what are you doing right now

35.can you handle the truth
insyaAllah you eat healthy
maybe. haha you still have pictures of you and your ex
nope. we dun even have a picture together're having a bad day, who would you most likely go to

39.are you loud or quiet most of the time

40.are you confident
-\ sometimes

41.5 things I did 10 years ago:

i was 12 then. where was i?
2. being outdated about almost everything
3. not famous in shcool. haha!
4. went back to my hometown in Mentakab, pahang. :D
5. walk to school everyday

46.5 things I would do if I am a billionaire

1. help my family and fulfill all the rukuns as a muslim.
2. by myself and my family everything they want.
5. invest to breed more munny so,
4. help others via charity (macam oprah plak)
5. ape ek..tataw ah

47.5 of my bad habits

1. paranoid
2. lazy
3. toooooo nice
4. sleep late and wake up late
5. annoying

48.5 places I used live in

1. mentakab, pahang
2. kota bharu
3. kuantan
4. shah alam
5. takdok dah

49.Right now I tag..
tamau tag ok. :P

every little girl's fantasy

yes, i am totally aware that i am not little nor cute nor a girl. i am a woman. lol. but i love watching Barbie in films! even my 32 and 33 year-old sister are like little girls when they watch barbie on tv. hehehe.

(it is proven 99.9% true when we put on the barbie DVD for the niece and nephew to watch but we ended up watching it and they are playing something else).

did you watch barbie and the diamond castle this morning at 10 on tv3? i love school break because that's the time the tv will play the barbie series. i love to watch this because the characters in the story seem real. i know it is a fairy tales and fantasy, of course. but the motion of the characters are real and precise. just the way a human should move in certain circumstances. the facial expression, the scripts, the everything is just perfect. they are so graceful. they have beautiful voice too! the magic and the lovely songs are just so impossible for us not to keep our jaw apart (especially me, i feel like wooooh! so magical and amazingly beautiful! to be honest, i even can sing (in my own way) the song in the Barbie as the island princess but now i can't remember it anymore). ok ok. there are barbies who can sing (i assume all barbies can sing), barbie who dance in barbie in the 12 dancing princesses, the island princess, fairytopia, nutcracker, magic pegasus and many more that i don't know of. those are just a few that i know from my niece who wants everything barbie, pink and pink and barbie. now she moves on to the princesses pulak.

and because i am so curious about whose lovely voice the barbie has been using for talking and singing, it is her...

Kelly Sheridan, who lends her voice to the mute barbie and also other cartoons and anime :)

talking about barbie, i have never owned a barbie in my life. the same goes to all my sisters. hehehe. and the first and the last time i played with barbie was my new friend's barbie when we were 6, and i cut her barbie's hair short. maybe that's the reason it was the first and the last kot.

i remember the only toy that my brother and i shared when we were kid was a big brown teddy bear that my mother needed to sewed the stomach and the neck again and again and stuffed in new wool because the two of us always played with it until the parts
burst. haha!
i didn't see the bear anymore since i was 5, maybe?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pet Society

my former student introduced me this application in facebook. haha! quite fun lah!

we can race...

decorate our house...

walking around the blocks...

go shopping...

visit our friends and get points!

we can do many other things in Pet Society. err..i mean our pet. mine is Meow. i'm not sure it is a he or she.

*mainan budak-budak. tapi seronok jugak. layan je...*