Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yoh! finally I got to blog! Apparently MIMET blocks certain proxies including blogger, youtube and yet to know. But thanks to Jackson, who told me about in which we can go through all the blocked proxies that might be very important to us. Hehehe.

Nevertheless, I think I have nothing much to say. Or I should say, I have less time to think about other things but catching up on my responsibilities at this new place. I'm teaching Bachelor students which happens to be the group thathas never been taught by the permanent lecturers here until I joined. And my contact hour is 21 per week, teaching 2 Bachelor subjects and 1 Diploma subject. I am starting from scratch here. According to them, that is a normal scenario for those who just joined here. And personally to me, it is normal to see me spending time at the office on Saturdays just to plan my lessons for the whole following weeks. I take it as a challenge and most important thing is to improve my productivity.

Well, I'm getting my ryhtm here - there's a senior lecturer who is willing to teach me on how to play tennis, my senior in TESL 17, Ms. Sarah Nadiah who has succesfully dragged me into the sport activities here ( I got to play badminton and netball last week on a friendly match with IKM Lumut) * sarah, your racket is still with me*, Wena and Kak Nik who are always making me feel at home derived from the TESLian circle; Kak Niza, Kak Maz and my highly respected officemates who are always giving me guidance regarding the 'styles' we have here in MIMET. yes, I'm getting my rythm here, so far. And I hope I'll get the solid grip here before persuing on my other life activities. :)

And why is my entry sounds like an award winning speech? sheeeesh~

No, I do not win anything yet. I just want to express my gratitude on the blessings that He gave me here. :)

Okay, I feel like I'm wasting my time. I'd better get back to planning lessons! shoohs!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm glad for the view that I can see everyday at Lumut Esplanade; that is less than 10 minutes from my house.

That's why I must get a camera yang lagi HEBAT. All these should not be wasted. So, to anybody yang tak tahu lagi, my birthday is in June. You still have time to start your saving for my birthday gift, okay. Or maybe just to add up mine if it fails to reach the target. :)

P.S: I had to upload in blogger since it took me some depressing time to upload in Fb! :)

P.S.S: the ships and the boats are just a few meters from where I sat having my ABC. :))

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome Aboard

Assalamualikum and good morning! :)

Haven't updated my blog for days. Been too busy with the new place, new environment, new responsibility and new friends. Syukur Alhamdulillah, He sent me to a good place, where I met good people. :)

Okay, let's make this a quickie!

1. I love the view I see every morning on my way to work. I'll cross two bridges in which one of the bridges is crossing an estuary where we can see big boats are parked. I think there's a shipyard along the estuary - yet to explore. Maybe when I got the chance, I'll snap a picture of the place.

2. I like the people in this company. They are helpful and warm. there's no gap between the academic staffs, administration staffs and the supporting staffs. We are all family. For me, I'm still taking my slow-mo to fit myself in this happy crowd.

3. My office is located at the end of the isle. Again, I think this office is just like the one of my former workplace. It is like a favourite spot where everybody comes to meet up, have breakfast together, and discussions. And, again, my office is in front of the boss's office. Just like in my former place. Oh, anyway the office is a big room of 4. I'm sharing it with four other lecturers of engineering, management and err...something like something dot dot fibre. Heheh.

4. I heard that this company is loaded with activities for the staffs - sports, celebrations, trips etc. Just what I want! To get myself back in sports! :)

5. Manjung town is a good place to live. We have everything we need here. It's just that the road here is quite confusing with all the 4-junctions. It's like layers of junctions where we can go anywhere using any junction which I found quite a problem to me. In general, I'm just not good with directions. :P

Okay, I have to meet the Dato' at 11 this morning and a medical check up at 4 this evening. Let's pray for the best while I'm here; in the new place. Again, I'm so grateful with all the blessings from Him. It makes me think about something. A better thing that I did not do in my past. :)