Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Pledge...


It's been months, huh?

Well..He's leaving soon. So soon. It was so sudden when he heard that news. It was so sudden when he uttered it from his mouth that I thought it was just a gag, as we were happily laughing over some funny matters. For that, I believed that it was unplanned by him. It was unintentionally.

And because of that, sailorBoy, below are my pledges while you are away, that I hope it'll eventually becomes my norms.

1. I pledge that I will never exceed 120mph, be it on a freeway or on my way to work.

2. I pledge that I will slow down upon the yellow light, not to fight the red light.

3. I pledge that I will never ramp the engine like a crazy driver.

4. I pledge that I will control my expenditure on shoes. (well, I'm sure I can do this one as I have just bought 6 pairs).

remember this? I snapped it during our stop at Hentian Sungai Buloh :)

Well yes, He's signing on on May 1st, and he knew about this today (Thursday). For this time, He's taking Puteri Firus, back and forth Bintulu-Japan. It was quite saddening to me as the dream that we are in is still on and it was interrupted by the awakening news, so suddenly.

However, I'm okay with it (at least for now). We still can keep in touch at least once a week, aite? Just like we did it when I was still a student. :)

My prayers will always be with you, and the crews on board. May all of you have a smooth sail. With love from all of us who never stop thinking of all of you, who never stop pray for your safety and health, I hope that the months will go by overnight (it is not necessary to trust this one).

Anyway, you didn't know this - I heard this song everyday on road; and this song is always for you.

One more thing that you must know.
After the 3 weekends spending time together like there's no tomorrow, I believe that the feelings are mutual now. You know what I mean. We've discussed about it, eh? :P

p.s: Sayang, for item no. 1, can I at least not exceed 140mph on a freeway, please? Pleeaaassee??

"yes, you can"
really? okay, babai. you know that I love you, right? :P