Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hide and Seek not.

Dua kanak-kanak sedang bermain sorok-sorok.

Adik: Aunty, kakak mana??

Aunty: Taktau.

*kakak menyorok di sebelah kerusi yang makciknya duduk tu. Adik tak nampak. Tiba-tiba kakak ketawa dan keluar menyerah diri*

Adik: Hahahahaha...kakak, kakak! bagi adik menyorok pulak. Kakak kira!

*Kakak pun kira, adik pegi menyorok*

Kakak: ...9, 10. Dah ke beluuummm??!

*adik menyorok di tempat yang sama kakak menyorok, "daaaaaaah!!".

Sekianlah permainan nyorok-nyorok 5 minit.

Dulu Lain.

Sedang main-main PC yang kat rumah ni, terjumpa 1 folder bernama 'LUMUT 09'.
Terjumpela gambar time baru-baru nak start kerja kat Seri Iskandar dulu...

di sini pun dah nampak perbezaan yang agak ketara...

di sini juga...

I can see the differences between now and then T.T

Kesimpulan: Mesti mulakan gaya hidup yang baru - gaya hidup sihat. *sangat terasa perbezaannya! kelihatan juga. haihs..*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ramble mamble

Oh, my heart is rambling now.

Nah, it has nothing to do with the previous posts.

Hurmm...maybe it is because I'm sleepy.

And thinking of the fact that I need to pack, and yeah, I mean to really really pack all my stuffs and leave. Plus, I need to think of going back to my hometown and to get here back for Monday, the last day.

The facts are:

1) I don't enjoy packing and unpacking (maybe soon)

2) I too, do not enjoy traveling back and fro in like, what? 2 days?

Just by thinking about it makes me tired already.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He Called, She Called

He called
She was asleep; talking subconsciously.
Oh, she's not feeling well.

He called
She was bathing; he's waking her up.
It's a morning rush.

He called
She was driving; furiously crossing the highway.
She wanted to reach first.

She called
There's no answer; he's at work.
Let him be.

He called
They talked; hardly.
It was noisy there.

She called
He's not answering
There's no connection.

.............................. ... .... . ..... .. .

There will be no talking; tonight. So suddenly.

There He Goes Again

from Miri...

today to Singapore...

and to Fujairah; scheduled on 1st December.

My sailorBoy has started his sailing again. May all the crews are blessed with good condition, safe journey and health out there.

Au revoir, mon cheri. My Nellie McKay's starts playing again.

I'm trying to make it easy. No. Not easy. I'm trying not to make it hard. That's how it's supposed to be :P

*Images from DigitalGlobe*

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bye Bye Later

Things that I'm going to miss here :

1. The food. Nyummy!

2. The dirt cheap food. And services.

3. The places I went. And am about to go :P

4. The nymunny food.

5. The hassle free life.

6. The dirt cheap food.

7. The calm ambiance.

8. The best colleagues I have here.

My contract here is ending this month. By right, it ends during Raya Haji. Despite the well, maybe exaggerated inconvenience (to unleash the sissy mengada part of me), I have to admit, I love this place (this one is the real me. hehe). I love the moderate style of living here. Good places are around (still have time to explore, hopefully).

For now, we're doing our very own 'explorace'. I've only gone to few places - Kuala Kangsar, Teluk Batik, Manjung town, Lumut, Batu Gajah due to the time. Still looking for good places to go, tho. I only have 2 Saturdays left (excluding Raya Haji).


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

In Love, I am

Well, hello. *stretching up fingers and neurons*

It's been a while since my last update. Been too busy and well, losing the muse to write, I suppose. Plus with the twitter , FB and all; everything is updated in a millisecond.

But tonight I can't help myself from writing about the most precious treasured someone. When people are in love, they tend to do any thing at all regardless of types of actions, places, words and you name it. Whether it annoys others or not, that's not the question. "I'm in love. We're in love," they'd say.

That's just what I am about to do.

Here, tonight, in the middle of the horrendous workloads and reluctance to start them again (even though I know I can finish it in 2 hours if I really put my focus on it), I hope that I won't take more hours to jolly around after this one. I am too happy and so in love with this man. =)

1. He loves singing. I know even now he is busy singing having a fun great time karaoke with his colleagues on that lonely ship. And my bad, that I forgot that he had once sent his recording long ago to me but I lost it. It was in my old phone that was lost after a pick pocket at Topshop; remember? That's why I can't remember it, boy. Plus, that song is not really my cuppa tea. Haha! I know you love me, right. *most probably he won't read this post. Don't worry, he won't know*

2. He will be worried about me if he knows that I am living alone in this house when all my housemates are not in. He's not worried if I am scared or whatnot as he knows that I'm used to stay alone back in Shah Alam. He's worried if I will not eat. He should, tho as I will not eat as much as usual when I am alone. I just don't feel like eating when I'm alone. I need a company. But sayang, in a way you should be glad as you know how much I will eat in a daily basis. You know I'm a food freak, don't you?

3. One more thing, it will be boring when your phone ringtone is like the office's phones ringtones. It's like, "breeep! breeep! breeep!", repeatedly. Unlike others, whenever different people call, the ringtone differs according to the person. Okay, my point is, I lost my micro SD that contains hundreds songs and pictures in it. Whenever he calls, there is no special song and picture no more. It'll be lame and lame. Okay, okay. My real point is, I also lost the other micro SD that he gave together with his Celcom Broadband where he keeps all the movies and also the setup for the broadband. It is his, not mine; the micro SD. But the other day, I asked him how did he get the setup for the broadband because 'I formatted the micro SD and lost all the data'. Heheh. It is not that, sayang. I lost your micro SD too. I'm afraid if he'll get angry as I am always not good with gadgets. But I'm sure he'll be cool about it this time. =)

4. Oh, last but not least. I've bought him a pair of jibbitz; star in shape written with 'sheriff' on it. I know he won't wear jibbitz only on one of his crocs unlike others who prefer to wear different one on each. He's got that OCD, I told him. I bought them months ago and I think, I repeat; I think they are there in my makeup bag. I got no time to mail it to you, sayang. I am no longer a student who got time to write you messages in a bottle, make you cards and mail it to you the way I did before. You love me nevertheless, I know.

Okay, that's it I think. I need to start marking the last batch and I hope to finish them tonight before opening another part of two thick envelopes with thick answers and hopefully readable and comprehensible ones. =)

P.S: I'm in love. With this man. =)) Okay, I'm still waiting for him to call as he told me. I bet he's down there singing their songs.